OTN: Fauxhawk hat

HMMM that’s a tough one, cause they are both cool…but I am leaning more toward the Gryffindor hat…to “match” the rest

Gryffindor it is! I just ordered the book from Amazon.com! :slight_smile:

That hat is too dang cool - you did an awesome job!! I MUST make this for my son. Is the pattern avaiable seperately or do you have to buy the book?

I believe you have to buy the whole book? You can contact them at http://www.myspace.com/prettyinpunk_knit_head

AND as per popular request…here is a picture of me at the Depeche Mode Convention in all my knitted glory.

I had two offers to buy my hat, both from guys…I guess the pink didn’t scare them! LOL

You look kick-ass in your hat with your bag!! I :heart: hardcore fans.

Pammie - you ROCK!!! I so need to knit a fauxhawk!! :slight_smile:

It looks awesome–you did a great job! That’s got to be one of the more unique FOs I’ve seen in my time around here! :slight_smile:

Look at you! :cheering: You’re obviously having fun. AWEsome hat and bag!

And don’t forget the beer in the other hand…LOL…that’s why I am having fun:happydance:…no, not really, that was actually the only beer of the night…

Thanks everyone for being so cool!

My goal now is to start and finish an American flag fauxhawk hat before my 4th of July concert! We’ll see…

:cheering: great job on both of them!!! :inlove::woohoo:

I just ordered the book! I am so excited! I think I’ll start a knit-a-long for it!

Here is a link to the KAL if you want to join me!

I really need one of those Union Jack fauxhawk hats!!