OTN: Fauxhawk hat

So I have had “knitter envy” since seeing my FAVORITE rock star, Martin Gore of Depeche Mode wear this “fauxhawk” hat onstage on their last tour at the end of 2005.

I ended up finding the woman responsible for knitting the hat for Martin on the internet (see the picture of her and Martin wearing their fauxhawk hats below) and we have kept in touch. And I was SO excited as both a knitter AND a Martin Gore fan when her and her friend published a book with the pattern.

I wanted to make the British flag version (using pink, black and gray) like she is wearing in the picture below which meant learning intarsia. I just wanted to praise here…I learned the intarsia technique this weekend using the videos from this website:cheering::cheering:!!! Below I have included the finished first side of my very own fauxhawk hat!

I am so pleased…I am about to get off the net for tonight to work on the second side!

i love it! so funny and i like the colors you are using! i wonder if my dh would think i was crazy for wearing one?

I think this is great and kudos to you to pursue and find the designer! Any chance of us having the pattern too??

I would make one in a single colour btw. I would never figure out how to do the aussie flag properly :slight_smile:

I love this! I believe it is in a book… pretty sure I have it bookmarked…

Pretty in Punk

That is such a cool hat. :lol:

Your first side of intarsia looks really good. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

I bet you could sell a lot of those at the Winter Olympics.

That is exactly where my hat comes from! They really do have some great patterns in this book…I think there are about 3 other things in it I want to make. (They also have a myspace for this book http://www.myspace.com/prettyinpunk_knit_head )
Thanks for posting that…

I never thought about substituting different country flags for national pride, I maybe totally off my nut, but I don’t think it would be too hard to do…I should try to create an American flag one (And Susan, I just bet you COULD make an Aussie one!!!)

I am totally going to make this for my sister! Going to order book. :out:

OMG…the Def Leppard fans I know would go insane for that! Its cute!

I have finished my fauxhawk hat and it looks FABULOUS!!! I can’t wait to wear it to the Depeche Mode convention in LA on the 24th!!

Wow, that does look fabulous!! :cheering:I’m going to get that book.
I :heart: Depeche Mode too. I wanted to see them last year in San Diego, but the concert sold in in about 2 minutes.:frowning:

WOW! I love it! I have put off ordering that book so many times… Now I have to have it! Fab! I hope you will share pictures from the convention!

that is way cool - great job!

First off, thanks everyone for the Kudos on my fauxhawk hat. I don’t know about pictures of me wearing it at the convention though…I admit, I look like a dork in it, but I don’t care I am SO wearing! LOL

Jillie, I am sorry you missed the boys on this past tour. I was still living on the east coast at the time and I was lucky enough to see them in Atlanta and NYC. That’s how I saw that fab hat on Martin!:cheering:

It looks great! Dorky or not, you [I]gotta[/I] share a photo. :wink:

[SIZE=1]You inspired me to order the book and make the hat for a friend in Tampa who’s a huge DM fan.

OK:aww: I promise, no matter HOW stupid I look, I will get a picture of me in the fauxhawk hat (and matching bag I made from the same pattern book-see below!!!) yes, I am a nut ball! LOL

Zip, I think your Mode fan buddie will LOVE you for this hat!

Love it! Let us know what reception you get at the convention!

[B]OMG [/B]That is so FABOOO. Awesome job!!!

I absolutely love both! Now I need to find someone willing to trade me for that book!

Oh my gosh, it’s so BEAUTIFUL!! :notworthy:

Man oh man, I have to hurry and finish knitting a HP PoA scarf for my girl, start and finish a HP Dark Mark Illusion scarf for my niece, start and finish a HP Mrs. Weasley housecoat, and then do a fauxhawk with the Hawaiian Flag! Or should I stick to the HP theme and do a Gryffindor fauxhawk? :teehee: