OTN: Emery's Blanket


This is my work in progress. As simple as the pattern is, it’s been giving me fits :knitting: :frog: :knitting: :frog:

This blanket will be gifted to our new grand daughter when she makes her public debut in late September. Her name is Emerald and she will be known as Emery.

The finished size should be about 29 inches square. I’m about 10 inches in and it finally feels like I might manage to complete it (before she graduates with her Doctorate in 25 years or so :cool: )

What a sweet, beautiful blanket. So glad you’ve got [U]some[/U] of it completed. I know what you mean about getting someone’s baby blanket to them really really late. Ugh! Not good.

Sometimes it seems like the simplest patterns are the most difficult. I’ve been working on a shrug that I’ve nicknamed “The Two-Steps-Forward-and-Three-Steps-Back Shrug.” Every time I think I’ve got the simple pattern down, I screw something up and have to rip out everything I just did. It’s simplicity made long, frustrating, and way more complex than it ought to be!

But I trust you’ll persevere, and little Emery will get her blankie soon. Cute name, by the way!

That’s a very pretty blanket! It’ll be perfect for your new little grand daughter!

Very pretty and so worth your effort. The second half always seems to go faster (or so I keep reminding myself) and you’re almost there. Emery will treasure it and who knows? She might well take it with her to grad or medical school. (Well, probably not.) Anyway, I wish her many happy hours with your lovely blanket.

It is looking great. One thing I have found when you have a pattern that isn’t too difficult but enough so that you have to pay attention and can’t mindlessly knit is to limit distractions. Tv, music, even kids or husbands can get your brain off track. I also always use a mantra when I knit a two knit pattern, which this looks like. In other words, in my head I repeat, k3, p3, k3, p3 or whatever it is. Your brain soon locks it in and just keeps going without you really thinking about it anymore. I know she is going to love her blankie!!!

The colorway is divine! And I must say…I like the pattern with this colorway, too! Yummy!

Thanks for the encouraging post, Antares. All those stitch markers across the working row are my sanity check for this “simple” pattern. My knitting is plagued by life-interruptus… I can hardly finish a single row without [U]something[/U] distracting me away for a few moments.

I hope Emery (and her mom and dad) will like the blanket. There’s no doubt that every stitch is done with pure love for this child of the child of the Love of My Life.

Hi Nonny2t,

Like I mentioned in my reply to Antares, distractions are a bane of my knitting life. I don’t have children at home anymore, not even pets that could distract me. Mostly it’s mental distractions for me… my job is high pressure and I have a very hard time turning off my brain. That’s actually one of the reasons I decided to try knitting… to see if it helped me find the ‘off’ button for work stress. I’ve found that it works to some degree, but it takes me a little while to get into my zone :teehee:

I took my project with me to a medical appointment earlier this week and after the hour long wait while Hubby had his physical, when it was my turn, my blood pressure was lower than it’s been in years!!

It’s looking lovely! I’ll bet you’ll have it completed by September! I know what you mean about the simplest pattern causing the most problems. I’ve had that experience, too. Still, it’s going to be a lovely blanket!