Otis wrap sweater

This is the Otis sweater from Knitty for my dd for her birthday in November.

It is being blocked and the sparkle is water droplets not sparkle yarn. I used Knit Picks Andean Silk in hyacinth as my dd has a skin disease and has problems with very much wool in her sweaters and can’t wear acryllics at all. I still have to get the organza ribbon and sew it to the front and sides to wrap it. I have decided to sew snaps on the ribbon and sweater so the ribbon can be removed for washing or if she would like to change out ribbons she can easily do that too this way.

That is just lovely and the color :heart::heart:. Very pretty!!

Looks Fantastic!! Love the purple color! :heart:

I absolutely love the color. she is going to look gorgeous in it!! you did a wonderful job!!

Very pretty color! It’s going to look so beautiful!

Really pretty well done x


Very pretty and love the color :happydance:

Gorgeous color! And I love that pattern. You did a beautiful job! Good idea on the ribbon, too.


Nice sweater. Too bad about your daughter and her touble with wool and acrylic. It’s good that there are a lot of yarn choices these days so you have something left you can knit with. :slight_smile: This turned out very nicely.