Other needle arts

I have been interested for awhile in learning to do embroidery or other types of needlework, but I’m not even sure where to begin. There seem to be so many kinds! Can any of you who have this as another hobby give me so ideas on where to start?

I enjoy cross stitch and quilting, though I must admit, since I’ve been knitting, I haven’t messed with either…lol

I do counted cross-stitch as my primary hobby. The pluses: it’s usually small, it’s pretty much 2 stitches (x’s and backstitch), and you can do anything from bookmarks to huge detailed pieces. Disadvantage: I’ve gotten to the point where it’s nearly as expensive as knitting.

Where to start - I’d start small to see if you like it. Places like Michael’s have some small counted cross-stitch kits where they’ll give you everything but a hoop (to keep the fabric taught - makes it easier to stitch) and scissors (get a pair of small embroidery scissors). The video here gives you the basics of counted cross-stitch: http://www.wikihow.com/Cross-Stitch Stitching on fingertip towels or breadclothes makes nice gifts, and they’re also pretty small.

Cross-stitch was my first needleart and I really like it. I found after 15yrs of cross-stitch, nobody I knew needed anymore pillows or wall hangings. Briefly tried embroidery, but didn’t really stick with it. Cross-stitch is nice b/c you can buy a simple kit (with a 40% off coupon at Michaels or Joannes) and see if you like it or not. There really isn’t a lot of start-up costs. If you decide to do cross-stitch my advise would be NOT to buy something that is preprinted - follow a chart. I bought a kit to cross-stitch/embroider some pre-printed pillowcases and the printing never really washed out and I didn’t enjoy making them at all.

I remember that from when I was a kid. It was always dissapointing that you could still see it.
I wuold just suggest finding people like us:muah: that enjoy doing what you have an interest in learning. Though of course, we are the nicest group, there will always be hobby enablers ready to help!

I’ve seen those pre-printed things and I didn’t really think I’d like them much. So are the counted cross stitch kits the ones that have charts then?

I like cross stitch and embroidery, and just got some colors I liked, looked up a few stitches, and then just made some small free hand decorations on shirts. A little of this here and that can really make a piece of clothing (including knitting) even more unique!

Below are 3 that I just made free hand on black tshirts; you might have fun just getting some colors you like and doing some experimenting! I’m not at all artistic, and these were my first try’s at it, so if you are, you’ll have a jump on things. Charts are of course another option.

Wow, those are really pretty. I have to disagree with you-you [I]are[/I] artistic!

Counted cross-stitch works on evenweave fabric - that is fabric where you can count the threads, like linen. Aida cloth is what most beginners start with. Essentially, the holes for your needle are already there. There are some pre-printed counted cross-stitch kits out there (tried one, hated it). But 99 times out of 100, counted cross-stitch kits have charts and are not printed.

The pillowcases you often see which are preprinted are generally called stamped embroidery, and they can be cross stitch (using Xs only) or crewel work (many different embroidery stitches). They also don’t use linen, so aren’t counted. I’ve done some of these stamped embroidery projects and I’ve enjoyed them, but I much prefer counted cross-stitch.

I did a lot of counted cross stitch over the years and Needlepoint. I’d recommend needlepoint. You can buy nice kits on ebay.

Yeah…I have to admit, I am on the cross stitch train…love it…I am working on a monster of one right now!

Embroidery and Crewelwork are both beautiful and very satisfying. You might try taking a printed cloth, with a design you like (medium sized flowers come to mind), and work backstitches around the details. Have an embroidery book handy so you can practice the various stitches by highlighting the individual designs. Try contrasting the embroidery thread with the print outlines. Once you’ve mastered the tension, your particular style and the basic stitches, there is nowhere else for you to move but up! Hope you’ll have fun with it! :muah:

I used to do counted cross stitch and really enjoyed it. I would buy the booklets with charts for hand towels, baby bibs etc. more than the kits. I have quite a stash of floss and material that I would be willing to part with - maybe trade for yarn, needles, stitch markers etc.- my new passion :slight_smile: :knitting:

I used to do a lot of counted cross stitch. I don’t know if you’re into lace at all, but Hardanger is just gorgeous. This is a good site with stitch animations, a forum, and some beautiful kits. http://www.victoriasampler.com/