Other Hobbies

Does anybody do anything besides knitting? Im real good at crochet, too, but I’ve done much more knit and I’m also much better at it.

What! You mean there are hobbies besides knitting??! :shock:

Honestly, right now I don’t have time for much of anything else. When the kids are a bit older I’d like to get back into sewing though. I enjoy most crafty things – there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

I started a Cross Stitch sampler 4 years and have not finished it. I found it in the closet and thought i better get this stitched and framed. To much money spend to let it rot in the closet.

Now that summer is here i spend most of my time in the flower garden. I added one section of white picket fence along the patio. Then i planted Shasty Daisys and Geraniums with a water melon sign hanging on the fence that says welcome. I love the finished project.

I don’t know if anyone would think cleaning the house as a hobby, however, i love to clean my house and change the furniture around. Also like to wash my windows… I know, i know i am a tad wacky but i enjoy it…

Let’s see, needlework, needlepoint, cross stiching, and crocheting, although I’m not doing any of them at this time. I have several other hobbies, reading, cooking, fishing, and photography, but outside of reading and cooking, and of course, my knitting, right now everything else is gathering dust for the time being. I tend to blow hot and cold when it comes to my hobbies, I’m in it up to my eyebrows, or not at all.

Knitting… reading books on knitting…stories about knitters, or mysteries about knitting, and instructional books on knitting…I also love to cook, watch a little tv… while knitting of course… and surfing the web… mostly about knitting though…

Oh yes… finding new ways to spoil my daughter & granddaughter… & (sex not determinded, but betting on a boy) the grandchild that is due end of January…

wow… after reading that, that does seem a bit narrow minded… I do enjoy going to plays… outdoor especialy…

What aren’t my hobbies would be a more manageable list. I don’t dogsled, bungee jump, skateboard, ski, or snowboard.

My other main hobby is scrapbooking. I absolutely love to scrap, but I don’t get as much time to do it as I’d like. So when I’m sitting in front of the TV or something I can knit and have something to keep my hands busy. :slight_smile:

Does NaNoWriMo count as a hobby? (Or is it more of a mad one-month lifestyle? :??)

I’m a scrapper and a confectionary artist too. (That’s my fancy name for cake/cookie/candy making & decorating) I want to learn how to crochet too, but I want to get through this Christmas first (yeah, I’m working on Christmas presents already!) I also want to learn One-Stroke Painting. (I work at Michaels so I can do the classes for free.) Geez, I like parentheses. My dad builds birdhouses so I think it’d be cool to learn one-stroke and paint them for him to sell. Not like I don’t have enough hobbies yet! One of these days I’ll go into busines…


I don’t really have any other hobbies. But I do enjoy those little kits that come with a plastic grid and little peices of yarn and that weird little hook thingy. What you do is put the yarn in the hook thingy and pull it out through so you get a little shag rug thingy. I love those, and still do them somtimes.

Does anyone else know what I’m talking about :roflhard:

I love knitting and I also love quilting. For years I enjoyed counted cross stitch but now that I’m at the “bifocal” eye glass stage… needlepoint is easier to “see”. :shock: I grew up learning how to crochet but I do enjoy knitting more. :XX:

I think it’s called “latch hook.” I remember doing a few of those when I was a kid!

Yes, they are Latch hook. I tried that once and it was horrible. LOL

I could not se internetsurfing as a hobby? :rofling:

I am a quite good friend with my sewing machine and my crocheting needles.

I crochet quite a bit too – I think I’m a far better crocheter than I am a knitter.

I also do a lot of beadwork and chainmaille; making jewelry is my first love.

Other hobbies of mine, in no particular order: gardening/wildlife gardening, cars (I used to be a mechanic), martial arts (iaido and kendo), music (electric bass and flute, primarily), cooking, and video games.

Let’s see besides knitting, there is crochet, spinning, scrapbooking… I dabble a bit at sewing and have tried my hand at quilting with no luck…I am planning on taking a class. Jewelry making… And I have been begging my DH for a rigid heddle loom for my birthday…(Sept) I am dying to learn something about weaving…

Virtuella - It is so good to see you!!! How are you feeling. Are you all finished with your treatments??? I clicked on your blog … but it isn’t the english version … What a beautiful pink top!!!

Other hobbies?! Well, I do cross stitch, needlepoint, doll making and paint, painting has been my major art endeavor for years, but since my main painting was decorative furniture I no longer do it as my hip/leg no longer allow it.
As for the others I don’t really indulge any more…now, I knit…it’s what I do :wink:

I just learned how to make corsages from ribbon! They are for a upcoming wedding!

WOW!! That flower is AWESOME!!

I -let’s see–have done:crochet, counted crossstitch, watercolors,latch hook, crewel work, scrapbooking, sewing, quilting, sketching, DEFINTELY internet surfing, Virtuella (great to see you back, dear!!), grandchildren - loving and keeping, READING, played piano, banjo, guitar, bass, --tried the violin forget it-sung–sing, rather, with my dh in a small bluegrass–NOT COUNTRY–BLUEGRASS–group, now knitted ( how much have I just plain forgot I wonder???) , cooking (love it when I don’t HAVE to), and

ANN FROM MICHIGAN–when can I get you a flight out to come and CLEAN for me and rearrange my furniture!! I’ll give you 4 skeins of Noro Silk Garden and 4 of Noro Kureyon and 2 of Malabrigo and ALL the acrylic yarn I 've stashed away in the last year!! Here kitty, kitty, kitty!!! :smiley:

I LOVE a clean neat house–I do, I really do–but mine just won’t STAY that way, darn it!! I have too many HOBBIES!! :rollseyes: