Why was the OT section deleted? I find that now I have to scroll through lost of post to get to the knitting topics. Sorry if I am complaining.

I’m kind of feeling the same thing there MW. I miss that there was an off topic thread. I find the intermingling of the threads annoying.

I agree.

Because it happened shortly after I joined, I think Sheldon said it was because the OT Forum was pretty much ignored. I will admit, when that post appeared it was the first I was really aware that there was an OT Forum.

It seems that now the OT threads are in the General Forum many more are being posted because people know you can do it. To be honest, I would have had the OT Forum just below the General and not at the bottom of the Forum list. But that’s me.

I agree too, I find this way a little too cluttered. I do like the idea of having the OT right under the general though.

I would also say I feel a little more self concious posting OT in the knitting section…I am not sure why…just do…

Me too, Crycket.

From a psychology standpoint I think it’s a good thing. With it separate you get into a fight, only focus on the OT forum and forget we all have something in common. Being forced to scroll through the OT and the OnT you don’t forget that.

It is clutter but if you stop in more often your last read post will still be on the first page. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. It’s kind of a catch-22. The OT forum was becoming more and more idle, so to give OT more prominence we decided to merge it into General. Now that it’s in General, it’s getting more visibility and there’s more OT posts and activity and could warrant it’s own forum again. But if we did that, it would probably slow down again…rinse and repeat.

I think we are going to keep it this way for the time being and see how it goes. I for one, have really enjoyed the new OT format and have found myself reading and posting in threads I otherwise wouldn’t have seen in the OT forum. I found myself less and less in OT simply because there were less active threads.

This format isn’t necessarily new. For the first couple years of KH, OT was a part of General, just like it is now. Then we had a period of great forum expansion and doubled our forum categories. We are just going back to our roots.

I personally like OT in General! I don’t mind skimming down to see what looks good to eat, I mean, READ! It’s just a quick roving down the page.

I agree with Sheldon, there are prolly more OT threads due to the visibility factor! Plus, did y’all know that the OT forum wasn’t open to the general public? You had to be a KH member to read anything in OT.

Anyway, I don’t mind the merge. I end up reading more OT threads now. Prior to the merge, I rarely entered OT. I don’t know why really. Just didn’t.

I wouldn’t have liked seeing OT listed under General. I think knitting related forums should be given first priority in the listings, if there is an OT forum at all.

Yep…I like the OT post all by itself…especially since “member only” could use/see the topics and opinions…

Back to roots is great BUT I like the privacy of members only. I checked the OT section but may not have posted there much. Reading and digesting is good.

I like OT back in General. “Community Building” :slight_smile: