Ot: zomg

It’s my birthday today (29 and holding heh heh heh) and I got a crapload of Bernat cotton yarn (blech) and a gift certificate to LYS for (are ya sittin’ down?) $100.

I think…I will purchase Addi clicks and pay the difference, I already have more yarn than I have space for and there’s nothing else that I can think of to spend $100 on at LYS…whadda you guys think?

Wow, cool gifts! And happy birthday.

Ooh - lucky you! Happy birthday :slight_smile:

Personally I wouldn’t bother with the Addi Clicks since I (and you) have the KP Options, but if that’s what you want go for it. I’d buy some luscious yarn that I could normally never buy…like cashmere or bison, or or or… :hug:

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!! I agree with Jan on the yarn, but…the heart wants what the heart wants. Buy the clicks!

Couldn’t have said it better myself…

I got the the Addi Clicks! :smiley: I have lots of yarn, can’t really get more before I move eh. w00t!!!

If you have the whole Options set, you probably don’t need the Addis too. How about a swift and ball winder? You’d likely get some good use out of them.

I bought a winder thingie from KP a coupla weeks ago…sent it to Denver.

Follow your heart’s desire!


Thanx :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday!!!:balloons:

Thanks! :smiley:

BTW dudes…I dreamt of circs all night lol wtfudge

First…[COLOR=“Indigo”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]HAPPY BIRTHDAY[/FONT][/COLOR]!:hug:

I have both the Addi and the KPs…did I NEED them…'na; but, I DESERVED them!:teehee:

About the Bernat cotton…don’t turn your nose up at it just yet… It’s absolutely perfect for “market bags”. I’ve done 3 of the Green Living Tote pattern from Lion Brand…and Ravelry has about 3 pages of patterns/projects for them (and that’s just the knit ones). The Options make even Bernat cotton knit up easily.:thumbsup:

There’s also a new (this week, I think) group on Ravelry named Market Bags…I’m still only lurking on it, but it looks like it’s gonna have some great ideas.

Thanks sgtpam! I found bernat cotton was hard to knit for myself…

Update: trying out the AddiClicks tonight, do like, a lot. A LOT. Tons, zomg etc.

However, I still love Options, too, though I vastly prefer the Addi case (much neater system, not the cheapie cardboard thingie like with the Options…)

Turns out my mom gave me the $100 gift certificate to take a beginner class but I think buying good needles is a better way to spend it than classes. :slight_smile:

I hate their needle cases, BUT I got this interchangeable needle case and I LOVE it!! Unfortunately she’s closed her shop till the end of the year due to a family emergency or something. I was planning on getting some ribbon with numbers on it to cut out and tack onto each pocket. However, I’m not having a problem with which size is which so I don’t know if I’ll bother.

Here’s some other similar ones and I know there are more.

Wow, nice!

I think I prefer the blunter ends of the Addis as they don’t make my fingertips as sore, but I bet Options are great for tight stuff like K2together.

Do you agree it was better to invest in knitting shwag rather than in a class? I think I mentioned taking a class before and most were like NO, just watch the videos. lol

I don’t think you need a class, you seem to be able to figure out things on your own. If you run into something you can’t, there’s always us.

The way to stop the needles from hurting your fingers is - don’t push the tips! You shouldn’t need to unless your sts are too tight; I grasp the whole tapered part of the needle with thumb and finger if I need to move the sts.

I gotta say though that classes can be a lot of fun. I’ve taken several at my LYS even for things I could figure out. They usually have hints to help you through things, too. :thumbsup: