OT: You might be stressed if

I think I might be a little stressed out because…

Earlier tonight I was trying to make some pancakes for a quick meal because I haven’t eaten ALL DAY and I had a performance today so I was kind of hungry. Well, this is the second day in a row I’ve tried to make pancakes and ordinarily I have no problems but last night I was completely incapable of making pancakes and was very frustrated as I ended up having frozen waffles instead (yech!) So tonight when they weren’t turning out again I became INCREDIBLY frustrated. I screamed and threw my frying pan into the sink, which was closely followed by the spatula and a string of obscenities.

Of course, this made a huge mess which I had to clean up and I feel really dumb for doing it, but I think it’s a little red light going off saying that Aidan needs to calm down and go do something soothing.

Oh, Aidian, I’m sorry you are feeling so stressed!!

Breathe in…breathe out…breathe in…

hope tomorrow is a better day!

Hey–hope you’ve had a chance to “chill” and do some soothing knitting for yourself. These times close to the holidays are stressful for many people for one reason or the other! The next time–don’t forget to take the “deep slow breaths”!! And you’ll calm down then. :wink:

:crying: Poor, Aidan! It’s that time of year and happens to the best of them - note, I don’t say us because it happens to me all the time! The holidays seem to make it worse though.

Hey, what helped me last time was going to the mall and checking out all the knitted items for sale and laughing because “Ha, I can do that and it will cost me less than half that much!” Well, that and eating chocolate!

Take care and remember, it will pass!


OH! PS - my kids came up with a great one over the weekend. We did a lot of driving and passed and outlet mall. Without missing a beat my son said,
"If you see a Jeff Foxworthy store at the outlet mall, you migh be with the Rednecks!"
Sure enough, there’s a Jeff Foxworthy store at the outlet mall south of Atlanta! Who knew?

I have had a chance to do some of my favourite crafting (crocheting) and I have decided to even line the purse I’ve made, which is totally new to me and I’m rather excited about it. Thanks everyone for your consoling words!