OT - You might be a "Knitneck"

Okay - Jeff Foxworthy became famous with his “You might be a redneck” I thought I’d try to see how many “Knitneck” examples we can come up with.

I’ll Start…If you plan a vacation day around the start of your local yarn store’s half yearly sale, you might just be a knitneck!

Let’s hear yours :happydance:

That’s a good one! :roflhard:

If you name your pets after yarn companies or the name of yarns, you might be a knitneck. :teehee:

If you’ve used chopsticks or pencils as needles, you might be a knitneck.

If you’ve used paperclips as stitch holders and/or crochet hooks, and/or used rubberbands as point-protectors, you might be a knitneck. (I knit at work a lot.) :teehee:

If “Yarn” is an actual category in your budget…

Good ones! How about…If you call in sick to work to finish a project, you might just be a knitneck! :teehee:

Keep 'em coming!

If your stash takes up more room than your storage chest can hold, you might be a knitneck…


When packing for a trip you have more bags for knitting then clothes… you might be knitneck

When your bags won’t all fit in your car to go on your trip and you dare your dh to touch your knitting bags…you might be a knitneck…

if you use yarn to wrap a piece of bacon around a filet before grilling… you MIGHT be a knitneck…


if, when moving across the country, you send the antique limoge with the movers, but pack your boxes of yarn in the truck (cause they’re ‘fragile’), you might be a knitneck (or perhaps your priorities are questionable…)

If you keep a kitting project in your car, one at work, five at home, and one at a friend’s house you might be a knitneck.

If you have so much yarn you will not be able to use it all if you knit 24/7, 365, and you still buy more yarn, you might be a knitneck.

If you check knittinghelp.com multiple times a day, or if you never close the window, so you can update whenever throughout the day, you might be a knitneck.


If you teach your friends, neighbors and co-workers to knit, and during your break at work, when you get home, on the phone, etc etc etc, talk about yarn, needles, and patterns well then you’re not only a knitneck you are a whole big knitbody.

If you wind a ball of yarn before you take someone to the emergency room. . . … .

Back to the cooking…

If you tie up your Christmas turkey with the leftovers from your Gift Projects, you just might be a knit neck…

If you are told by the LYS that you spend too much money there… you might be a knitneck…

(It’s happened to me…)

If the LYS clerks ALL know you by name~ might be a knitneck~!

Just had another~
If you have ever slept with your yarn at night~ Might be a knitneck~
(that one actually happened to ME~!)

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :notworthy:

Just had another one~
If you return from your vacation and the first thing you see is your yarn stash~
and your first words are ~" I missed you my Darling" ~
MIGHT BE A KNITNECK~~ :roflhard: :cheering:

I can admit to this one-sad but true :oops:

you might be a knitneck if you display your stash as a way of adding decor to your home.

GUILTY~~ :oops: :happydance: :cheering:

If you have the largest closet in the house dedicated to your stash…you might just be a knitneck :oops: