OT: You guys are awesome! :) Thanks!

Thank you so much for all wonderful and supportive words about my modest knitting achievements :slight_smile: I am overwhelmed by your responses and want to thank everyone. Is is OK to respond to comments in my threads (basically, just talk to people) or it would be considered ‘bumping’ my topics for no good reason? :slight_smile:

BTW, did anyone look into charging a hefty fee for ‘positive emotions therapy’ that comes from hanging out on this forum? You should :wink:

As long as you’re discussing the original topic then it’s okay to reply to people. If you want to have a longer off topic discussion you could start a blog thread in the blog forum or go to the lounge forum. :slight_smile:

We’re glad you’re here!

You are going to find this site extremely warm and welcoming. It’s the first site I joined when I learned to knit, and I could never have gotten better without the help that these wonderful ladies and gents provided. I’ve made lifelong, IRL friends here.

I look forward to seeing more of your projects!


We are so happy to have you in our knitting family here at Knitting Help! I am particularly happy to have another sweater knitter to hang out with! And you’re a wonderful knitter, I might add! Thanks for sharing your work with us! We are honored.

It’s truly a delight to see and admire your beautiful work. You know the comments are heartfelt and are coming from people who appreciate all the work that goes into a finished project. Thanks for your great photos.