OT: Yahoo mail

can someone check Yahoo Mail?

I’ve tried all day to get in, and can’t…times out before it gets anywhere.

I’m waiting on news from my mom, and can’t get to it. I hate rebooting…but might need to if yall CAN get in.

I Haven’t had a problem so far… but yahoo seems to be moody for me lately… might work fine now but in 5 mins won’t and sometimes my e-mails come in a few days late… :teehee: …

I can get in fine, no problem. :shrug:

After some experimenting… it seems like only one of my accounts is having problems, while the others are okay. Don’t know why. (Yes, I have multiple yahoo addresses – one for junk mail, one for ebay, etc.)

Yeah, I noticed that I haven’t had any new messages in a couple days… :shrug:

Well, I’ve gotten new mail for the ones I can open, but it’s just one particular account that I can’t get into (I can get into “my yahoo,” just not into the email part). Maybe different email accounts use different servers, and something is wrong with that one.

This happens to me sometimes with almost any web service. Try restarting your browser, then try “clearing your cache” (Tools -> Clear Private Data of Firefox, Tools ->Internet Options -> Delete Files on Internet Explorer) This gets rid of any old web pages that might be sitting on your computer.

I had this happen with my Gmail account last week and my sister’s was working fine… sooooo frustrating! But this is what fixed it up.

ya, I purged before I hopped on here before I asked…I think just the asking fixed it…as it’s OK now…but no email from mom…grrrrrrrrr…

Yahoo is apparently having issues. This was posted in a Yahoo group that I belong to.

Just got this from Yahoo Group Alerts:
> We want to acknowledge the reports that not all groups are receiving
> email. Some of these groups are seeing the posts on their group
> archive on the Web, but not receiving them via email. This problem has
> been difficult to diagnose, since it is affecting some groups but not
> others.

I ONLY Use my yahoo email to communicate with mom…big long story…but I don’t like yahoo…booo…lol…(having issues at age 38 with my mother…) sigh…

I just logged on ok and had messages.

I don’t care much for Yahoo myself, but use it for junkmail. I prefer gmail to any other online email. If you would like an account PM me with your current email and I’ll send you an invite as I think it’s still by invite only.

Thanks Jan. That’s what I’ve got and use!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!