OT wrinkle cream

Hi, I am turning 30 this year and I am starting to see lines around my mouth and eyes. Does anyone have a good wrinkle cream they could suggest? I feel I am to young to start getting wrinkles already.

i used Aveeno and neutrogena brand …they are super ! drink alot of water and eat alot of fruits like blueberry… helps too

I use Strivectin (expensive, hasn’t made me a super model yet though :teehee: ) and Neutrogena. The Neutrogena one can be purchased with sunscreen in it which is nice or without. I like either of these because they don’t leave my face greasy. In Florida we have enough humidity so heavy moisturizers leave me a gooey glob.

Just a few weeks ago Consumer Reports released a report on wrinkle creams. Their top pick… Oil of Olay!!!

I’ve used OO products for 30 + years, i’m always being told my skin looks decades younger than it really is (too bad therest of me doesn’t follow suit :roflhard: )

I wish I could use of Oil of Olay…my skin is so sensitive, it makes me break out horribly.

I use airbonne night cream around my eyes…it doesn’t just minimize fine lines, it also makes you look more awake…less puffy, the circles are lighter. It’s gorgeous.


the new Oil of Olay definity creams are different than their traditional cream- lighter. I never could use it before, but love this line. good dry weather cream, and as said above, Consumer Reports said it was the best.

I also love Neutrogena’s cream that has sunscreen in it. it is what I use all summer. (Must use sunscreen every day!!!)