OT: Would you take her to urgent care?UPDATE

Hubby was diagnosed on Friday with strep throat, an ear infection and a sinus infection.

3 1/2 year old daughter has been acting cranky since Saturday, and is now running a fever. Last night, at 2 am, it was 102 degrees (which is unusual for her…usually her fevers are pretty low grade). She also has complained a couple of times about an itchy ear, and now she says she can’t tilt her head to one side because there’s a “thing in her body that won’t let her”.

I called the dr to make an appointment, and he is out today. None of the other dr’s in the physician group have any openings for today. The receptionist suggested giving her tylenol to bring the fever down and making an appointment for tomorrow, or taking her to urgent care.

I am thinking we are going to urgent care this afternoon. It’s not the fever that worries me…fevers are just a sign that the body is fighting off infection. What concerns me is the already diagnosed case of strep throat in the house and the complaints about her ears (she has had an ear infection before). I don’t want to wait to seek treatment until she is in pain.

So, would you take her into urgent care, knowing you will have to sit for an hour or more to see a doctor you don’t really know…or would you wait until tomorrow to see her dr?


I’d want to get the ear taken care of as soon as possible. A guy I work with nearly ruptured an eardrum a couple of years ago because he wouldn’t pay attention to the pressure in his ear.

Kids seem to get really sick really fast, but they also seem to be able to bounce back a lot faster, too. Still, I’d want to have that ear checked ASAP to make sure that nothing is going on in there that could damage the hearing later on.


I’m amazed that your regular doc wouldn’t see her on an emergency basis. :!!!: Strep can travel into the other glands and even the heart, so I’d definitely get her on antibiotics asap.

I’d say go to urgent care. Especially when she usually doesn’t have that high fevers and has ear pains. You can never be to careful with kids.

Thank you…that was my gut instinct…but the receptionist at the dr’s office made it sound like urgent care was equivalent to taking her to a third world country for medical attention.

I really like our dr, so I am not at all mad at him. He has 3 small kids (all under age 6) so if he wants to take a day off to spend time with them…good for him.

It’s just not convenient for me! :pout:

Allrighty then…urgent care as soon as I get off of work (at noon).

Thanks all!

Gimme a break! :roll:

Off to urgent care with her. The sooner they can get it diagnosed the sooner she’ll be feeling better.

Hugs! :hug:

Have you tried calling your “nurse line” for advice? I think the phone # for mine is printed on my insurance card – I’ve called them several times and they’ve always been very helpful. It’s part of their job to help you decide what course of action to take in situations like your’s.

I don’t think we have that option with our insurance…usually, I call my dr (he has always been very kind and returns phone calls within minutes) and ask if he thinks we need to bring her in.

The receptionist today wouldn’t even let me talk to Betty, his nurse. :grrr:


I had perforated eardums as a child, and my nana (who brought me up) believed that I got them from what the doctor termed a “light cold” after a three day wait to see him. I don’t remember the cold, but I do remember the pain from the infections and perforations, and it all ended in surgery when I had to have grommets.

When its the ears you can’t be to careful, especially with Kids when they don’t always have the vocabulary to explain whats going on.

Keep us updated about the little’un

Hi Misty,

The next time you’re at you’re regular doctor, be sure to let him/her know the receptionist wouldn’t let you talk to Betty. She would be in a much better position to help you decide between urgent care, waiting a day, or even being able to squeeze you in with another doctor in the group than the receptionist.

Unless the receptionist has medical training herself she should not be denying you the option of the nurse’s opinion.

Sometimes the individual who serves as the “gatekeeper” doesn’t realize what the situation actually is!!!

I hope your child is feeling better soon! :cheering:


I’m glad you got the affirmation that you were looking for here. If you ever have the instinct to take your child to see someone, never ignore it. You know your child better than anyone, and if you think something’s wrong with her and want her seen by a medical professional, then you should definitely do so, no matter what.

Definitely complain about that receptionist, when a worried parent is on the phone she should have at least let you speak with a nurse. :grrr:

Keep us updated on your DD!

I had multiple ear infections as a child - I got my hearing tested when I was about 8 andc was told it was fine, but I’m certain there is damage as I can’t understand people when they mumble. I remember my parents bringing me down to the GP and waiting in the waiting room without an appointment on the off chance one of the doctors would have a couple of free minutes, the joys of the NHS!

Well, she has strep throat.

When I got home from work, her temp was about 99.9, and she looked awful…really pale and with dark circles under her eyes.

I took her to Urgent Care and he asked me if she had any unexplained rashes. I said, well, she had one about a week ago on her lower tummy, but it cleared up in two days and didn’t really seem to bother her.

He asked how long she has been moody…I thought about it and realized that although she has been having more mood swings since the weekend, that her moods have been more extreme for about a week now. For a child who doesn’t usually have tantrums, she was suddenly having one every time she was the slightest bit upset about something. I wrote it off as growing pains.

Well, he looked at her throat and at her ears (which are perfect, thank God!) and said she definitely has strep. Between the high fever, the mood swings, the presence of strep in the house, her swollen lymph nodes, the crankies, the way she looked…he said he wasn’t even going to need a throat culture and prescribed antibiotics.

He said that often with little ones, you will see a rash near their groin at the onset of strep.

So my daughter could’ve had strep for over a week, and I had no idea! :oops:

Oy…but at least now she is getting better!


Good to hear she’s getting better! Give her a :hug: from all of us.

I had a problem with a receptionist at my old Dr.'s office. I called with a hive on my neck while taking antibiotics. I told her that in the past I’d gone into anaphalatic shock with an antibiotic and needed to talk to the nurse. I was put through to voicemail.

I called back and thew a fit!!! I was promptly put through to a nurse, well, I was having an alergic reaction, my throat started to close, it was bad. That receptionist got in HUGE trouble. I felt bad about her getting in trouble, but she was literally playing games with my life because she felt she knew how to diagnose me over the phone (with no medical training).

If a receptionist at a Dr.'s office refuses to let you talk to a nurse/doctor (often times they will have a Nurse of the Day, who is scheduled to take phone calls) definately say something to the doctor!!

Mothers’ instincts about their children are generally spot on. I’m glad that you were able to get the care you needed (though I, personally, would still insist on the throat culture just in case it isn’t actually strep, not likely, but still if its a virus you don’t want to be taking antibiotics). Call your pediatrician’s office to let them know.

Its not always the case that the receptionist won’t let you talk to the doc its just that many times the docs are very busy with other patients as well. I work in a hopsital, and many times patients call up throwing fits because they want something done for them asap. They can’t always seem to understand that we are a very busy office and that they are not the only patient. I understant that you were having a reaction which could’ve been serious, but the receptionist may not have known she was putting you into a voicemail, she could’ve thought that the nurse was in their office to answer the phone. I know with my job I get blamed by patients that the docs have not done something for them but all I can do is tell the doc that it needs to be taken care of, and I’m not to blame if it does. I’m not really sure what happened in your case and if she could’ve been more helpful, I just think it stinks that often the receptionists/admin assistants are blamed for things that are not always their fault. I just thought that I would point this out…I don’t mean to offend anyone with it or anything.

Oh, I fully understand that. My office people are often put through to voicemail. It was just the situation, my previous alegric reaction, hives on my neck, and her attitude.

When I told her what was going on her response was “oh, I’ll put you through to voicemail” and cut me off. Since my last reaction went from a hive on my wrist to me being unconcious in a matter of less than 2 minutes, and my doctor told me the only reason I am still alive is that I was on a cruise ship and was carried to the doctor in less than 5 minutes, and I explained all of that to her, I was upset.

I wasn’t trying to get her in trouble, and didn’t thow a fit until I had to call back. I just wanted her to understand that some things, especially with a previous serious reaction.

I hope I didn’t come off the wrong way in the previous post. It stinks that you had to deal with someone with such a bad attitude and that’s probably why people get defensive when they call up offices, since they’ve had bad experiences before. I totally understand that you had a urgent situation that really shouldn’t have been ignored by this person so I can see why they’d get in trouble for this. I just meant to point out that often a patient will call with something non-urgent and expect everyone to drop what they are doing to do what they need.

No, you were fine. i totally understand your point. I just wanted to explain a little more, I didn’t want to come off like a snag.