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[color=blue]My husband and I are in the process of buying a home making my commute to/from work 1.5 hrs compared to 30 minutes now. I really don’t mind during good weather (can get a lot of reading done lol -audio I mean :lol: ) but hate the thought of fighting snow/ice in the winter on the back roads. I know some of you work from home. I would love :heart: some suggestions! Thanks so much!

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I love working from home…and wish I could do it forever! It can be difficult to stay focused and on task…but when I think about the possiblities of having to go back to work in a traditional office that gets my butt right back into gear so I can stay at home. I love being able to work on laundry during the day and having my dogs with me all day too. They give me a nice break and an excuse to get up and move a little bit. The only hard thing is the social contact you lose when working from home. For me, that doesn’t matter to much (I supplment with phone calls to family, visiting the KH Blogs, and a close, open relationship with DH). My favorite thing about working from home is that I get to wear jeans every day! I do work set hours which also helps because if I just tried to “fit it in” nothing would ever get done. I also get up and shower every morning and get dressed…makes me feel more awake and less tempting to go back to bed. I think you’ll enjoy it! Good luck.

What is it you do at home? If you don’t mind me asking. :smiley:

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I think a couple women on this board are medical transcriptionists. It requires a medical terminology course or familiarity with terms and good listening skills (I overhear docs tape discharge summaries and boy they go fast and they mumble!) as well as excellent typing skills. That’s about all I know. Maybe one of the transcriptionists can help with more detailed info.

I would love to work from home.

DH works from home and absolutely loves it! I don’t work now, but I worked in an office for a long time. I always wanted to work from hom and I got my chance to do a short term contract job from home at the beginning of the year. I loved it! The only problem is limiting yourself to only working what you are paid for and not feeling guilty about stopping when you’ve done what you need to do for the day! I worked pretty closely with someone at the office and he would attempt to make me work way more than the part time hours I was being paid for. He even wanted me to work after my contract was finished! I mean, yeah, I’m working from home, but my time is not free! Just remember that!

I’ve been a medical transcriptionist for years. I worked in a hospital for almost ten years, then I got the opportunity to work from home for another company. It has been the best move!! Although from my own experience, if someone wants to work from home doing MT, its best to have some experience in a doctor’s office or hospital first, because once your working from home, there is nobody around to ask to listen to something for you. You definitely need at least a medical terminology course and definitely good typing skills and computer skills. And working from home you also need a lot of discipline!! Its so easy to get distracted by house hold chores. But at the time it was best for me because I had two little girls, and at the time I was a single mom. It was great because I was there if they were sick, and when school vacations came around, I wasnt scrambling to find someone to watch them, and I was always there to get them on and off the bus.

[color=blue]Tammy, thanks so much! It sounds so inviting… you are from Groton! I grew up in Mystic… :cheering: I guess I will have to contact the local hospitals and see what might be available. Thanks again!

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awwwwwwwww Mystic!!! I LOVE Mystic (and am proudly tourist dork enough to have been to Mystic Pizza! :wink: )

my friends and I went to the Lobster Festival at the Seaport one year and it was one of my favoritist days ever!

sniffle i miss Connecticut!

Hmm… :thinking: I’ve thought of doing medical transcriptioning…I’m not sure where to start. What course do/would you take?? Then it sorta scares me with the idea of (who’s legit?? re: the school). Am I just getting taken for a ride paying for there course??? Stuff like that… :shock:

As far as typing…I got that one down. :wink: I type pretty fast and decided to take an online test at typingtest.com cuz I was curious. Well…my fastest/best was 75 wpm w/ 100% accuracy. :cheering: A few other times it was 74 wpm w/ 98%, 73 wpm 96%. :happydance:

I currently don’t work…just thought typing from home for extra fun money would be nice and use my typing skills.

Anyone have any legit links for typing jobs from home?? Medical transcription schools??? etc…



This is off the original topic, but my brother is in Groton right now and keeps trying to get me to visit him. I keep telling him no because he’s in school for the Navy and if I want to look at Navy boys all weekend, I can just go home to Annapolis and wander around downtown. :rofling:

I am a computer programmer…I moved from OH to Iowa in September of 2004 and was able to keepy my job…which was lucky. I didn’t realize you were looking for something you COULD do from home! Sorry…although, the medical transcription stuff does sound cool - I may have to look into that if my job doesn’t last (depending on how long my current boss stays around!)

I’m not a transcriptionist but I do know they offer medical terminology classes at our local community college (Saddleback).

Stonington- I actually grew up on north stonington and my parents live in Mystic now. Been in this area all my life.
Brendajos- I have to admit, I love Mystic Pizza too! Its not just a tourist thing, they do have good food, although we tend to stay away during tourist season. We don’t really go to Mystic Seaport much, but anything with lobster is a good thing IMO!!!
KNITBIT- There are a lot of school that offer medical terminology courses, and sometimes even hospitals will offer the class. I would say your best bet would be to look at local community colleges or secretarial schools in your area. They usually are six week courses. I actually went to school for medical assisting, but found that I liked the office aspect of it much more than the hands on clinical with actual patients. Sorry I dont have any links to any schools though.
Cateknits- :roflhard: That is so funny. My husband was in the Navy and I met him when he was assigned to one of the subs here in Groton. He just got out last fall. If you do come visit him, there isn’t much else to do here, its definitely a Navy town!! But if you do want to meet Navy boys, this is definitely the place to come!! :wink:

I write from home; I used to work at my local newspaper, but have been freelancing for 9 years. My biggest complaint is that people call me & don’t think I’m really working because I’m not in an office wearing nice clothes! Plus, my youngest is home all day with me (I work while he naps & then at night after he goes to bed) so I have to be creative fitting knitting in all of this. Once he starts school, however, I think I’ll love my current arrangement even more–I use Caller ID a lot.

Thx Jan and Tammy for your input. I’m gonna look around at local colleges, courses etc. and see what I can find. :wink:


Want $.02 from another transcriptionist?
Regarding distance learning schools, Andrews is far and away the best. Typing skills are of course good to have, but that isn’t paramount. Just think if you were the best and fastest typist on earth and sat down to “type” what you were hearing on a tape, but the person talking was speaking Japanese? Your typing skills wouldn’t matter. Doing medical transcription at home is a great job, but just like anything else you need education and experience before taking that step. In my opinion, it is a goal to strive toward rather than something you could just decide to do and expect it to be happening in a few weeks or something like that.

By the way, I don’t call it “working at home” as much as I call it “living at work.” :wink:

There are pros and cons, as there are with all jobs.

[color=blue]Cozy, I use to do ad copy at home when I lived in Rangeley (small town in Western Maine) that job and several others allowed me to support my daughter but be home with her. I loved that… the only problem was a lack of benefits - mainly insurance. I would like to do that sort of thing again… but know next to nothing about the town we are moving to. Need to get better acquainted with the area to find out what folks needs are there… find the nitch so to speak. Thank you everyone for all of the wonderful input! :cheering:

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Have any of you done “secret shopping”? I’ve seen it advertised online and it looks a little shady. Seems like there has to be a serious catch. Any input on this?

Hi there! Thought I would chime in on this one…
I used to mystery shop and it was nice extra money but nothing like what those online ads tell you. Most of the mystery shopping that I did took place at local restaurants and they would give a cap on the amt you could spend and you only got reimbursed for that. I have seen the ads for shopping but have heard on various consumer sites that you should never pay to join and have the ability to be sent out on assignments. To find shopping opportunites Google "“mystery shopping” you’ll get a ton of sites to look at most of the are free. You can also sign up to be a survey taker and/or focus group with 3-4 hour commitments and those pay $100 and up.
Hope that helps!

Stonington, where are you moving to?