OT - Wordpress users spam question


I have Wordpress installed in my site. My blog’s Mental Menagerie.
It’s far far from being a popular blog, only about three people post comments from time to time.

Also installed in my server is my dad’s blog, which uses wordpress as well. My Dad does the intelectual content of the blog, but I do all the uploading, tweaking and stuff.

Since they’re both in my server, they’re both bound with my IP, email, data, etc.

I love Wordpress.
My Dad’s blog works fine. No problems there.

Mine I’m having trouble with.
For the last 3 months or so, I’ve been getting massive amounts of spam in the post comments. I have comments set to “moderator approved only”, so everyday, I have to delete about 300 spam “comment requests” that range from italian purses to the most bizzarre porn sites.

I’ve already cleaned the cache in the machine, ran adaware, spybot, antivirus, deleted cookies, etc etc…and I’m still getting all that crud in.

Has anyone had the same problem? :pout:
Should I just uninstall the whole thing and start from scratch?

Don’t know if it’s important, but my main surfing medium is Opera and I do have Technorati installed in the blog.

I have the same problem with Wordpress. Every day, I delete at least 50 spam messages, and I don’t even tend to post more than once a month.

Are you using the server side blog or a wordpress remote hosted blog? Did you upload and install Wordpress to your own server, or sign up for a blog at worpress.com?

I don’t know about the remote hosted blogs, but I use a server side installation of wordpress and I am almost never bothered by spam comments. Mine has some pretty good filters in place that seem to work very well. I used to get spammed a lot when I used a different blog program, that’s why I switched to wordpress.

I have wordpress installed on my server and it does get a ton of spam but Akismet catches it all.

It’s uploaded to another server…Thanks for the link, Kemp. I’ll have to check that out.

Thanks for your input ^^

I managed to figure out Akismet shortly after I posted the thread, but didn’t get to activate it until after my morning classes. It seems to be doing a pretty good job :hug: :hug: