OT: Wishing well

i have to ask all my crafty friends… has anyone ever made a wishing well (?) for a wedding? i think thats what it is called. i’m not big on weddings and i’ve only been in one. so my best friend asked me to be her matron of honor… rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreally don’t want to, but i guess i can’t back out now. anyhoo the wedding is in March in LA :frowning: and she wants me to make a whising well thingy. i have a few ideas of how to make one, but not really considering i’ve never seen one. then there is getting it there… so i really don’t want anything heavy or easy to break. cause i live in STL and i am not trying to fly over there with it. SO is it big? what does it look like and did anyone have one at their wedding?

For my wedding we didn’t do a well. I just bought a pretty picnic basket and decorated it with flowers. We left one side of the basket open for the cards. Then I was able to use the basket in my house for a decoration. I’m all about the practicality! :slight_smile:

But here’s a website I found that will give you an idea of what a wishing well looks like and how big they are. Generally they are made to fit on a tabletop. http://www.members.optusnet.com.au/~s.beaumont/

ok thanks! :thumbsup: so that is what they are called? i didn’t want to ask my friend… didn’t want her to think i didn’t know what she was talking about!!! :wink:

If it’s any consolation, I didn’t know, either. The only “wishing well” I’ve seen was a playpen at a baby shower that people filled with diapers and non-gifty type stuff.

I’ve seen a “wishing well” a couple of different ways. For one wedding, there was a small trunk decorated with lace and ribbon, the lid was left open, ane people could drop their cards in there. For another, there was a “wishing tree” where someone took a small fake tree, used tiny clothes pins to attach the cards to the tree.

ooo thanks for the ideas!!! :thumbsup:

I’ve seen one made out of a fancy metal birdcage. They got it at a flea market, spray painted it (using one of the wedding theme colors), and then wove some wide satin ribbon through the bars around the bottom so that no cards fell out. So really anything goes.

I made one for a friend of mine who was having her 50th jubilee as a Catholic nun. She was the accompanist for my choir and taught music and played piano and organ, so I made a box that looked like a miniature piano. I used one box shaped like a piano case, then attached a flat box that looked like a keyboard, supported the keyboard with legs, painted the whole thing black, then stuck on a strip of paper that I painted to look like a keyboard. I painted the symbol for her order in gold on the front of the piano, where the makers’ name would go on a real one. I cut a slit in the top, so that cards could be dropped in.

Cautionary note: if you make something intricate, be certain that they can get the cards out! I ALMOST forgot that little detail with the piano. :shock: An extra hour’s worth of work and much more swearing than Sr. Mary would probably have liked ( :pray: PLEASE don’t tell on me!), everything played out. :rofling:

I’m not necessarily advocating doing something as ridiculous as that piano. Does the bride have a theme? Does the happy couple share a hobby? I should have made one out of a golf bag for my sister’s wedding. Or used a larger sized basket on a prettily decorated Schwinn since they spent their honeymoon riding their bikes across Iowa.

Okay, now I’m rambling and no longer helpful. A friend says that this kind of off-the-cuff creative crap is what I’m best at, so shout if you want more possibly useless ideas. :wink:

nope not that i know of they are kind of both couch potatoes… and they both love to eat! so i don’t know. thanks for you input and advice… i think of something!!

i don’t know but i am impressed by anybody who can work RAGBRAI into the wedding theme!! :roflhard:

Every March DH starts checking the Des Moines Register’s website to see if this years route has been published. Every July, I know that DH will start reminiscing about previous rides. RAGBRAI can be worked into any conversation in our house! :lol:

If you’re not feeling crafty, check out a couple rental places or party type stores near them. You can prolly reserve one online or over the phone, and you won’t have to transport it.
The best one I ever saw was a pretty (real!!) tree with cherry blossoms on it, everyone’s card got a hole punched in it and tied to the tree…and the tree was the maid of honor’s gift to the bride and groom, to be planted in their yard…again, you could just buy one as soon as you got there, and that’s two birds with one stone, and you don’t have to transport it.