OT-winter coats

So I’ve been thinking about getting another winter coat. I was actually thinking about it last winter too, but never got one. My current one is HUGE, brown and leather. It is warm, just very big and heavy.

I already have a couple great scarves and am sure I will have many more come winter. But NONE of them go with my big brown clunky coat. So I’m thinking about getting a simple, small black leather coat…maybe one that ties at the waist or something. That way every scarf and hat would go with it :smiley:

Does anyone else think like me…or am I just nuts? :??

That’s not nuts. A coat is part of your ensemble, and matching is no crime. I have a brown (faux) sheepskin coat, a black leather blazer type jacket, a black leather motorcycle jacket, two denim jackets (one lined, one unlined), and assorted sweatsuit jackets in colors from white, to blue, to pink. (And I live in Florida!)

I know exactly what you mean. LOL

i have a black leather coat with red piping and a red wool coat with black wool trim in the hood. i LOVE both though the red coat is just a little too big for driving much really. however at this point i fully intend to get a new coat this year…possibly plain black, off white, or camel so that i can wear any ol’ scarf i want without being bothered by the fact that it doesn’t match the coat right. never mind that i only have one completed scarf that i have kept…lol…at least i know i can whip out a scarf in a weekend if i want to change my coat’s look! :wink:

OR, you could knit yourself a scarf to go with your favorite coat… :figureditout:

well sure but then i couldn’t just switch scarves any ol’ time i want to…lol

btw…the first scarf i knitted was suppose to go with my coats…yeah i gave it as a gift…lol

I have several coats, but believe it or not, I don’t own a single scarf. Or hat. If it’s really, really cold I’ll wear my coat with the hood. For me scarves just get in the way, and hats–well it’s the hair thing. I give them as gifts, though!

Silver has THAT many coats/jackets! WOW!

I have two (and I live in Ohio!)! A work one (plain black pea coat) and a beat-up barn jacket I wear everywhere else. I have LOADS of hats and scarves, and every new fall season I get myself all excited by choosing the accent color of the year! whooo hoo

<–has little to no life! :rollseyes:

[size=2]but of course, I have a few fleece things - vests, pullovers - so I guess those count as coats/jackets.[/size]

I’m not sure what size you are, but Lane Bryant has a beautiful selection of coats, jackets, ponchos, and other knitted coats. You might want to check them out. They have a huge array of sizes, too. I think starting around size 14

If you sign up to get their email and catalog, they send 40% off coupons and free shipping offers all the time.

Lane Bryant