OT: Wilma--

[color=blue]To all of our Knitting friends effected by Wilma… we hope you stay safe. Take care & God Bless. [/color]

Sending thoughts and prayers out to all those who are dealing with Wilma…

Wilma and I are spending the day knitting … no school today in Orlando. So far we have just had lots of rain , I know it is much worse down south and on the coasts.

MORE hurricanes!! Geez, the earth just does NOT like humans this year.

Sending good vibes to all those in the path of high winds~~~~~~ :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Wilma kicked our butts down here in Charlotte County, a little bit. Not like Hurricane Charley last year thank God. I even have electricity. What a luxury!
No damage to our house, just a mess of junk/debris/limbs/water outside. I can deal with that.

at 4 pm i received electricity, well not just me but some more people in collier county, still some without so I am not complaining any longer, and i couldnt be happier, I could dance in the streets, I thought i was cut out for the roughing it life, I changed my mind. I like a hot bath, tv, news first hand not passed down the block , I like to read before bed with good light, I find 8pm in the pitch black a long long long night. Last year with Charlie we lost power and phone for 3 days as well. I am really going to have to invest in a generator as much as I hate the smell and noise. Today is also my birthday and having power is the best gift ever.

:present: :balloons: :sunny: Well Happy Birthday! May lots of sun come your way! You’ve earned it. :smiley:

Thank you Ingrid, that was very kind. It has been a shitty one but having power made me appreciative. We normally go out but no restraurants open, curfew and phone circuits tied up for days, so my sister after 3 days trying finally got through and that made me feel good to talk to her.
It was kinda a non existant day all around, your response was touching. You should be like KH official greeter or something.

Wilma kicked our butts too. We got the worst of it. We finally got phone and power a few hours ago…

I lost all my backyard fence and my tree (in front of my townhouse) fell in front of my door… poor tree… :frowning:

A few other minor things, but I’m sooo glad we are all ok. My community (condo of THs and single homes) worked great together… :heart:

My area looks very bad! But all is going back to it’s place now…I gotta tell you, I’ve seen hurricanes before, but never got one as scary as this… :shock:

InterNette ~ I also danced on the street when my power came back… :lol:

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: