OT- What's wrong with this picture

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So, while looking up patterns to see if I can make my own “knitone” type of tote, i saw this pretty doll’s wedding dress. But I think perhaps the veil would be easier if the “model” wasn’t missing this vital body part…
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ickabride crane!

Silly, silly, silly! :lol: :rofling:

awww i was going to doctor that pattern to make it look like the green scarlet o’hara dress…i didn’t really even think about the headless “manequin” but now that you mention it i guess it is kinda weird…lol

It just occurred to me that that would be some men’s dream bride. All body, no brain! :rollseyes:

it is a beautiful pattern though… ooo, scarlet ohara style would be beautiful… but just don’t make it carol burnette fashion… with the curtain rods in it :wink:
heaven help me, but if i were to take on a sewing hobby, making period dolls/clothing would be fun…
someone please stop me… the madness!!!

At least you can always tell yourself that knitting is practical. If you make something you can wear it. Nevermind that you could have bought it, usually cheaper if you add in the yarn and labor. You can wear it.

Historically correct doll dresses? Not so much. :?eyebrow:

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thanks ingrid… :roflhard:
I haven’t laughed like that since i was a little girl (dr. evil…)

(interior scene, highschool reunion, main character approached by former classmates…)

Yeah, it’s me, Jodie… yep… still livin’ in Fargo… My career? Why, I make Historically Correct Doll dresses! Have you heard of my online catalog store? “Jodie’s Historically Correct Doll Dresses R Us”. We hope to go public on the NYSE this year…
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I don’t have kids yet… in my spare time I like to knit things that are actually useful…
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Are you selling stock in your company yet? This is going to be an even better investment than Beanie Babies!! :shock:

How about Historically Correct Clothes for Beanie Babies? :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: You ended my day with a really good laugh! Thanks!