OT: What's with this model?

I was looking for a shawl pattern when I came across this pattern. Nice shawl, but why is the model practically naked to model it??? I just thought it was kinda funny :teehee:

I think she supposed to make us feel even more insignificant. Or maybe she’s being used to get more men to knit so they can sell even more yarn. You know like SI used the Swim Suit edition to sell more magazines. :teehee:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

What? You don’t wear a lacy shawl when you’re in your underwear? :teehee: That is pretty silly, but I guess the shawl shows up nicely.

Actually I was planning on wearing that to work tomorrow…it’ll be especially good for tomorrow since its supposed to snow/sleet. :teehee:

I thought this one is kind of shawl to wear on the beach.

I bought something like this last year to wrap around my body on the beach.

:?? :??



I dress like this all of the time…baby belly and all…I don’t see the problem… :shrug:

[size=1]Of course I’m kidding!!! You thought I was serious?!?!?![/size]

Darn! I don’t know how my picture made it out on the internet! Now I can’t try out for American Idol. Or maybe I can … nice way to get some votes…

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Good grief, :rofl: That’s pretty silly, but then again the husband’s SI has Burt Reyonlds naked on a fur throw. Husband wasn’t amused.

:shrug: maybe so you dont get distracted by ANYTHING else?

just smile and admire the pretty shawl :happydance:

Maybe she was cold, so she put a shawl on to get warm. :roflhard: It’s much easier than wearing clothes.

Wish they would have airbrushed that rib bone… it’s totally grossing me out!

Yeah … uh huh … excessive skin isn’t distracting at all. :teehee: Now why can’t they get a buffed out manly man to strategically drape a nice lacy shawl over his mus’kalz ?? :eyebrow: … Oh wait …

On second thought, that would just be weird. :chair:

[size=1]I still wouldn’t mind seeing it though. [/size]:teehee:

Ok, someone tell me they remember the post with the picture of the bare chested guy on the white rug!

Looks fine to me.

Oo … Oo … I wanna see. I wanna see…


I would have took you for a guy who liked women who had more than .5% body fat.



took me like 10 min. to find this, but heres a short comment on “you knit what?” : http://youknitwhat.blogspot.com/2006/02/check-it-out.html

I see this model a lot on knitting sites. No matter what she’s weraing I just want to feed her. I wish more folks would complain to ad companies that creating an ad campang around unhealthilly thin women does not sell anything. Don’t they get it yet? It’s 2007. OK off my soapbox.

She doesn’t look unhealthy thin to me, just thin. I once was that thin and ate whatever I wanted, so let’s not all jump on the thin-women-are-starving wagon here. (truth be told, though, i like a little more meat in the thigh area).

um, yeah back on topic, wait, what was the topic? oh yeah, that pic is silly. but it did it’s job, didn’t it? got us all to pay attention.


I would have took you for a guy who liked women who had more than .5% body fat.



Actually that is true. But hey, nekked is nekked, right? :rofl: