OT - What We Do For Our Children!


Ok. Here’s the deal.

We don’t do much for our children’s birthdays, preferring to go all out for Christmas. But this year, since my daughter injured her knee (she is a very, very good soccer player with high aspirations) and we want to cheer her up before her knee surgery, we decided to splurge.

DD’s 15th birthday is on Monday. I was so proud of myself for finding “THE” backpack (purse-thingy) that she HAD to have. I found the name brand, not-so-cheap, item on Ebay, paid a GREAT price for it and didn’t pay too much for shipping either. It’s sitting in one of my drawers waiting to be wrapped.

However, yesterday she went online and showed me (I guess to clarify)the backpack she wants (me-thinks she went into my email before I got home and found the confirmation email tucked away).


And…you got it…I got the WRONG one! The girl decided that the one she showed me before (the same pattern as the knitting bag I received for Christmas) is actually black, and she wants BLUE.

And she says, oh so sweetly, “I didn’t mess you up, did I?”

Aaarrrggghhh!!! :wall: :wall: :wall:

I calmly replied, “No, Sweetie, you haven’t.” Aaarrrggghhh!!! :grrr:

My husband’s response: “Haven’t we bought her enough already?”

Uh, NO! … Considering this was her MAIN gift!!!

After she went to bed, I scoured Ebay. There are a few of this particular item up for bid, but the auctions don’t end for five or six days. Reminder…her birthday is MONDAY!

So, this morning I spent about an hour trying to track down this item. I finally found it at a store two and a half hours from my house. So now I’m paying full retail + $15 shipping to get it overnight.

How many brain cells do they say we lose with each child we birth?? Must be a lot to do what we do! :teehee:

I guess I’m going to hold onto the other bag I bought until Thanksgiving and list it on Ebay.

Anyone want a NICE backpack??? :teehee:

Got a picture? :teehee:

Sorry for all the aggravation…teens can be so–what’s the word?–oh yes, teenager-like! :rofl: You’re so good to put up with it, I’m pretty sure my parents would’ve told me to enjoy the color they bought or I could be SOL (their favorite term growing up).

:hug: Wow I sure hope your daughter knows how a great mom you are. There is NO way my mom would have gone through all that. But then again I was a teenager way before the Ebay era. :rofl:

AHH teenagers. They make your life interesting… sort of :teehee:

Hmmm…now that’s an idea!

Will post when daughter isn’t looking. :wink:

Here are the pictures…isn’t it lovely…

yes that IS lovely
and I may be one of the meanest mommies out there but I would not have bought a second of the same thing just to help with one of mty kids acting Snitty (my description for that kind of behavior)

I have WAY to many bags, or I would offer to take it off your hands
take care


I think the good news is that you shouldn’t have any trouble selling the backpack for the price you paid, or better. I would sell it ASAP, since Vera Bradley changes their fabric patterns quite frequently. :shrug:

Oooh, that’s purty! What a great Mom you are to go and buy another one. I know mine would have said to deal with it! :teehee:

That IS really cute!
You should be able to Ebay that or Craigslist it no problem.

how much would you want for it? i may be interested. you can pm me if you are interested in possibly selling it to me. thanks! :teehee:

You know, I thought about just giving it to her anyway, but it’s for her birthday. I really want to get her something she wants and will use. If she doesn’t like it, she won’t use it, and I’ll have wasted my money. I don’t overly spoil my children. I’m not a mom who buys them whatever they want. They have to work for their $$, spend their own $$ for personal stuff, and they do tons of work around the house (without getting paid for it).

As much as she drives me crazy, I love her dearly and just want her to have what she likes. :heart:

lissalue, I pm’d you.


I think it’s very sweet that you went to all of the trouble. I’m similar to you in that we don’t buy a lot for our dd–at Christmas she only gets an average of two gifts but she’s the only grandchild “close” (in distance) to both sets of grandparents and you’d think they had money coming out of their ears! We try to stifle them too. Every now and then, it’s just nice to go all out and do something that’ll make your little one smile…it totally warms my heart to see someone I love excited–it’s worth way more than any amount of money I could ever spend!

I’ve bought many Vera Bradley bags on ebay, they go really fast. You really should have no problem getting rid of it. Good luck!

I’m just like you…generally, we don’t buy a lot of things for our daughter, choosing instead to invest in experiences with her (going to the botanical gardens, taking her to the aquarium, to museums, etc). We usually buy just a few gifts for Christmas and one bigger gift that we can all enjoy for her birthday (example: a bike cart so we could all go on bike rides together).

And her grandparents more than make up for it…they spoil her rotten. She wants for no toy. Ever. We hate it. Now, when a new thing comes in, something must go out. 3 year olds just shouldn’t have that much stuff!

But sometimes, every once in awhile, it’s nice to be the one to give her exactly what she’s been pining for. :teehee:

Good job mom! I’m sure she loves it!