OT : What do you drive? UPDATED

Looks like my DH and I may be car shopping this weekend so thought I would see what ya’all like to drive or don’t like to drive for that matter.

We are looking for something with a roof rack to carry kayaks, manual transmission, 4 doors, and plenty of room for 2 dogs and kids to come in a few years. He is leaning towards the Subaru Forrester and I am leaning towards the Outback. I don’t like the options package on the Forrester, seats are uncomfy, and NO leg room in back. LOVE the Outback.

Thanks for your help

P.S. would it be rude to take my knitting car shopping? Had to unravel an entire bag last night and it is a gift that needs to get on its way.

Nah it wouldn’t be rude. Take it with you.

I drive a big rig for a living so when I am off work I “drive” a recumbent bicycle. I don’t own a car.

We have a 2005 Chevy Suburban and I love it. We bought it knowing that we would drive it across country with 3 kids, a 75 lb dog and my cat and it was perfect for us.

And no, I do not think it would be rude to take knitting car shopping!

as soon as I read kayak, stickshift, dogs, 4 doors, I thought Subaru! we used to have a '98 Impreza Outback as a daily driver when CV had his turbo SLC. we loved the wagon! we sold it because after CV got the S4, we didn’t need 3 cars.

we have an '01 Audi S4 and an '04 VW R32. both 6 speed, both AWD.

good luck with your car search. it’s perfectly fine to take your knitting with you. you are the customer and these guys make a lot of money off you when you buy the car. be yourself, is knitting is you, then knit. :smiley:

I had an Outback for a couple of years that I really loved. Unfortunately we had to sell it to get a wheelchair accessible mini van, but I still miss it.

toyota Prius… love it!! roomy headroom, legroom but not for kayacks:shrug: but plenty room for :x: gas mileage :out: awesome :star: i had an Altima before & loved it…

I drive a 2000 Ford F-150 pickup. Hubby drives a Honda Element. We (hubby, 2 kids and I) took the Element cross country from FL to the Grand Canyon, 3500 miles round trip. Once you get past the weird looks of an Element, the interior is incredibly roomy and [I]very[/I] functional for trips. In fact, if I ever got rid of my truck, I’d really consider getting an Element of my own.

Subaru forresters have a anti-rollback feature, makes Getting into first on a hill easier
but the trani is easier than the one I have in my Honda Civic
I would get the Outback wagon, for the extra Ground clearance, and the rack, and inside storage space
the Forrester is a smaller car, closer to the ground, really a city to suburban vehicle, not a real working car IMHO

Only My Opinion,


Silver - I myself drive an F-150 (I’m on my second one in fact) so car shopping is of no interest to me. I had a little car, got T boned and bought a truck. I love my truck b/c it goes anywhere and holds everything. My DH mentioned the Element and I said - You’re joking right? Guess I’ll add that to the test drive list tomorrow…

According to my husband ground clearance on the 2 subaru’s is the same - the difference is visual. I complained about the lack of backseat leg room and according to vehicle specks the difference is less than 1/2" !! He did love the rollback feature and both come with roof racks, Forrester has more options packages (that I don’t give a hoot about) … I think I’m going to lose this battle tomorrow.

Two months ago we bought a brand new SUV a Mercury “Mountaineer”. It’s fully loaded and we both love it. My dh is six feet four inches tall and I need leg room also. This fits our needs perfectly. So glad we got it. We passed our previous vehicle on to our dd.

I have a 2007 Honda Jazz, but no kids (and none planned for quite a while:roflhard:). The Jazz has a ‘magic’ seat arrangement that lets you lay down the back seats completely flat and in the back you then have as much room as a wagon. You could also lay the front seat down completely flat and fit a surfboard in. I have a big dog (Alaskan Malamute) and do a lot of scuba diving and some camping and it is perfect. It’s also really great with fuel economy.

With regards your concerns about having no leg room in the back, how often are you going to sit in the back to notice or have other adults in the back? If you don’t have kids yet, they probably won’t even notice the lack of leg room until they hit 10 - 11 years old and by that time you may be looking at a new car again anyway.

HTH and good luck with the shopping!


I just bought a car I am incredibly happy with and love but not what you are after. Do take your knitting, I waited around the dealership for a total of about 2-3 hours with about only 30 mins of actual business/discussion, the rest of the time waiting for someone to talk to me/come back to me etc. Honestly I was paying cash anyone would think they didn’t want my money.

Have fun and do lots of homework/checking out the car!

My SIL has an Outback, & loves it. The whole family drives Subarus.

I’ve got a Toyota Camry hybrid. I :heart: my Ruby!!

And bring your knitting. You never know how long you might have to wait, and even if you do buy the vehicle, there are still long waits while paperwork’s being filled out, etc.

Have fun car shopping!

We have had a Subaru Forester for the past 6 years and absolutely love it. We researched both the Forester and Outback and settled on the Forester. I know that the Forester is supposed to be a bit shorter in length than the Outback but honestly it feels much roomier inside to me. I think it’s because of the head room. I have ridden in the back seat of the Outback and I found it very uncomfortable compared to the Forester. Also the seat belts were defective (not our car fortunately).

The cargo area on the Forester is very roomy also. We can fit all kinds of thing back there because of the extra head room. That would be good for dogs I would think. Prior to this car we had a Toyota wagon but the Forester is so much more versatile I would never go back. We were also considering the Honda CRV but we test drove one down our steep mountain hill and the thing swayed so much we knew that the rollover potential was much greater than the Forester which was steady as a rock down the same grade.

I drive a Honda Civic. I get 40-45 miles/gallon on the Hwy. And it’s not a hybrid. I was raised with gas economy cars and would not consider anything larger. I don’t care about room I care about gas milage. We have a 93 Toyota Extended Cab pick up, that’s my husbands, but for the last few years it doesn’t get driven much, only to haul stuff or in a pinch if the other person has the car- which isn’t often since my husband bikes everywhere-he does the grocery shopping sometimes with his bike. And I mean the big shopping. We just ordered a Gem electric car for our in town needs- expect it in a month. Then the Civic will only be used for my work-I have to drive for my job- and for out of town trips. The pick up might get sold. The electric car will be nice when I’m too lazy, or it’s too wet and cold, to walk or bike my daughter to school- will be able to get her there without using gas.

We got a Honda Oddesey last Dec – I didn’t really want a mini-van but finally came to the realization that it really fit our lifestyle better (2 kids, 1 dog, growing need to carpool, desire to travel more and camp a bit too). I’m very happy with our purchase. I drove a VW Passat before that — loved it! Now DH has it :frowning: but I still have visiting-rights from time to time :slight_smile:

Not at all what you’re looking for, but we have two Golf diesels, both manual transmission (automatics aren’t very common here). One is ancient and one we bought new three years ago. When we sell or give away the old one - it’s gotta go soon - then I really really REALLY want a Morris Mini. :inlove: A dark purple one. :inlove:

I have a 2006 Honda Pilot - we needed the size when the second baby came along. Both DH and I are tall, and we needed more leg room behind the driver to put a car seat there.

My previous car was a Subaru Impreza 2.5RS (the car version of the Forrester). Let me tell you, I cannot say enough good things about Subaru. I had that car for 5 years, and I still get teary thinking about it, I miss it so much. I only had 2 problems with the car, and both were weird freaky things that would only happen to me (a clutch issue and an ignition switch issue). I took it to 2 different dealers for service (one happened at home and one happened at work, and I had it towed to the closest dealer), and both service depts were great. Very communicative, very helpful getting a rental car, etc and very quick. I think 2 days was the longest they ever had my car.

If you’re concerned about space issues, go for the Outback. I’m pretty sure its built on a bigger platform than the Forrester. Either way, you won’t regret buying a Subaru. I love Subaru, and I can almost guarantee that my next car (once the kiddos are big enough that they don’t need to travel with quite so much stuff) will be a Subaru again.

we also have an element, and two dogs and an active lifestyle - it really is a great car, and i never minded its looks - it handles more like a small car than an SUV, but once you fold the seats up there’s a ton of room in the back…the only thing you have to keep in mind, however, is that is really is only a 4-seater - you couldn’t possibly fit more than two people in the backseat. we only use our backseat for our 4-legged kids, though, so that’s fine with us.

our other car is a VM golf, and i like it very much, but it isn’t practical for dogs or kayaks.

I have long been a fan of my Japanese imports, but our lease was running out on our Nissan Quest in August and we had to do some car shopping. I did my research and we ended up with the Saturn Outlook. We also drove the GMC Acadia, but the Outlook just seemed more polished inside. It’s surprisingly roomy, even in the back - we needed plenty of room as DH and I are tall and we’ve got two kids in carseats as well.

The Nissan Quest is a good vehicle overall though. We had “teething problems” on our 04 since it was the first year after the redesign, but they should be worked out for newer models. :thumbsup:

And yes, DO take your knitting!! It’s amazing how long it takes to buy a car. If I hadn’t had the girls to chase, I could have done a bunch of knitting.