OT - Weight Watchers

Anyone a member? I’m going to join tomorrow!!! I’m excited and nervous, I’ve been heavy my entire life. I just want to be healthy, not super skinny. My mom started about 6 months ago, she looks awesome. I’m going to surprise her, hopefully I’ll lose enough weight by February for her to notice when we drive back to Michigan for a visit!

I hope that you enjoy it! I have done it on line and gone to meetings. I found it more successful when I went to meetings because it would have been to embarrassing if I didn’t lose any weight. When I did it online it was also helpful though! Happy days are here again! :happydance:

I as in the online WW for a year or so and lost about 25 lbs. I think if you join the meetings you can join online as well and get all the support from the forums and some other tools as well. The forums were awesome and I liked being able to journal my food right online. I preferred the online only myself, but some people need meetings.

My cousin was heavy her whole life and joined WW in college. She lost all the weight she wanted and has kept if off for five years now. She said if a person is ready to committ then it should work. Good luck

I did WW a couple years ago now, and lost 45 pounds… still use the theory, even though I’m no longer a ONLINE member ( I hate meetings ) and I’ve kept it off and continue to loose when I Want to…

Yes; that is the key - being committed to it working. I’ve been heavy since my freshman year in college. I got arthritis when I was in high school and had to quit dancing (I was a classically trained ballerina who was “going places” until I got arthritis) Anyway, college plumped me up and I sort of stayed there. I’ve worn the same size since I got married, even through my pregnancies. I’m working now to not lose weight but to eat better and be more active. I can’t ever see myself a size 8 let alone a size 4 again, but if I could just get out of the teens! :smiley:

Good luck. I did WW a few times and I know it has changed a lot from the first time I tried it (when we had to weigh and measure everything and have a certain number of servings of everything) I think they still use the points system, but I think even that has changed since 5 years ago.

I’ve done Weight Watchers since last May. I’ve enjoyed the meetings. I joined when I discovered that I really needed the group support. I guess its an individual choice. I’ve lost 61 lbs so far with 13 more to go til goal. I can honestly say I’ve never been hungry because of the diet and I still enjoy the food I eat. Good Luck :thumbsup:

YAY! Good luck!!!

I was never into the meetings, so WW didn’t work for me. But I quit eating and smoking in January and lost 79 pounds!

Holy Geez, 79 pounds! Great job!!! :cheering: Could you induldge me with a before and after pic???

I plan on taking a new pic every week or two to see how I’m doing.

Helga, oh Helga…

:shock: you quite EATING???


Congrats Jessica. I’ve only recently begun to gain weight and that’s due to emotional stressors, but I plan on just going to the gym and eating better. To each his own. I need to change my life for me, otherwise I will continue to feel like I have to be a part of something in order to be healthy instead of just having it in my everyday routine.

I’ll be 25 in February and I’ve finally gotten sick and tired of being sick and tired. I deserve to be happy and this is for me, no one else. I’ve been heavy my entire life and now I’m starting to have health problems because of it. I was looking at pictures over Christmas of our family get together in October and realized I’m as wide as I am tall, a pudgy round ball. So, I’m ready to change.

Best of luck to you, Jessica! I’ve never done WW (not a meeting sort of person), but I’ve heard wonderful things about it.

How’d the first meeting go?

Actually, I got my dates mixed up, my first meeting is on Monday. Which is good because I need to drink heavily after the day I’ve had.

Oh no! :heart: Hugs :heart:

Hi - just back from a long weekend at home in NYC, and ready to start counting points again! I’ve never gone to meeting or done the online WW thing, but I’ve got the at-home WW kit from about a year or two ago (I gather it changes from year to year). I first got it when I had suddenly (it seemed) gained about 20 pounds - turned out my thyroid was low and I’m now on medication for it, but I also used the point system to get the 20 pounds off. That was a few years ago, but in recent months I’ve let myself get very lax about watching what I eat and the weight has started climbing back upwards. A few weeks ago I set my New Year’s holiday in NY as the Last Hurrah of Overeating, and starting tomorrow I count points again and go to the gym more regularly.

Good luck to you with WW!

Well, I ended up missing the meeting, I got lost. And with my retail schedule all over the place I haven’t been able to get to one. But, I talked to my manager who does the schedule and there’s a place that is between work and home, but they only have one meeting at 5:30 on Mondays. I asked if I could start getting off by 5 on Mondays. So if I work I can get there after work and if I have the day off the drive won’t be so bad. It takes me an hour each way to go to work and I was thinking that if I got the day off when my meeting was at the location near work, I don’t want to drive all the way in. Not with gas the way it is. It’s so much fun living in BFE.

Anywho, rambling here, I have been counting points as much as I can until I join. They have some great products out there. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are to die for (but not from a heart attack :wink: ) and they’re only 2 points each!

My point-counting came to a crashing halt yesterday - it’s hard to count points a) when you start in the middle of the week and b) when you’re eating leftovers from before you started counting. Those are my rationalizations, anyway! Target now is to start Monday… and this target shall be met!!! :fingerwag:

I would give my first born for Taco Bell right now.