OT Wedding Reception arrangements

[color=blue]I know this is way off topic but my husband’s DD is getting married in April and I have volunteered to make the arrangements for the tables at the reception. 10 or 12 - 8 ft tables in all. I have perused the web for ideas but thought with all the artistic talent here I would ask for your thoughts. Ideas anyone? :??


does she have any sort of theme?

[color=blue]Not really. :shrug: Her colors are violet and white–roses will be the predominant flower. I was thinking something that each couple at the table could take home with them?

anne [/color]

I’ve seen little bubble containers. One wedding I went to had personalized M&M’s. Maybe a disposable camera or something. :shrug:

Oh oh oh! Look at this very cool ideaI came across while looking for a gift for a friend. Not sure how many you are planning for the wedding but I thought this was a very cool favor to send home!

(not as yummy or as cost effective as the M&Ms though I would suppose…I am always in favor of M&Ms…lol)

[color=blue]That is cool… I guess I was thinking more along the lines of a floating candle arrangement lol. I really like the tree idea though–ribbons with their name/date of the wedding and a nice quote? hmmm


are you looking for favors, center pieces, or both? or something that serves as both?

More along the lines of centerpieces–I am also thinking of little decorated bags of candy as favors on the table. ? It has been a very long time since I have done something like this lol

anne [/color]

I don’t remeber where I read/seen this but always like the idea of taking a bowl or pretty glass container and put a beta fish in it… then they could swim around and you could put a flower on the top… and the folks could take them home with them… you could put pretty marbles or rocks in the bottom… I wonder what the fish would do if a floated candle was on top… that would prolly not work out in the fish’s favor… :teehee

The most recent wedding we went to had nice high flower arrangements that they prized off at each table. There was also a mini-easel with the dinner menu printed on it. Then there were matching books with interesting facts about weddings and things. Little tiny books, just 2 per table, but they were good conversation starters.

The favours were sets of coasters. It was a January wedding, so they were glass squares with snow flakes frosted on. On the bottom of one set of coasters per table was a “you win” and that’s how they prized off the flower arrangement.

The flowers were roses, very pretty, and it was easy enough to see under them and they didn’t hamper conversation at our table!

[color=blue]I LOVE :heart: the fish idea!! but Vermont in April… might freeze those poor little guys

keep those ideas coming… this is great! Thank you all so much! :cheering:


Have you looked at Martha Stewart Weddings. Most of her stuff is very pricey but extremely beautiful and well done. It might at least inspire you and you could modify to your liking and budget.


You have me stumped on centerpieces - but for favors I was gonna say M&Ms too. That’s what I’m doing for mine. I’ve also seen:

Wine bottle stoppers - either engraved or with ribbon to personalize.

Mini boxed teas - like these: http://www.weddingthings.com/mini_boxed_teas.htm (this is an excellent site for ideas in general …so check here for ideas)

Cameras - http://www.weddingthings.com/wedding_camera.htm

Check online favors stores for ideas as a general rule. They come up with things I might never have thought of, but can be easily done with a little imagination and a good craft store. :slight_smile:

betta’s were a great idea, everyone was sneaking around takinf the fish before others even thought of it. However, no candles on top… I know Betta’s are air breathers, but we has floating candles with goldfish at a friends wedding and the candles sucked all the oxygen out of the water… all the fish went belly up within an hour. oops… :oops:

[color=blue]poor fish! Must remember … NO candles with fish, :pout: NO candles with fish!

anne [/color]

Anne, pastel mints make nice favors (and M&M’s of course, too!). I’ve seen centerpieces with floating candles like you mentioned; something with a circle or square-shaped mirror underneath it makes for a very nice centerpiece, too.

I would suggest heading to Michael’s…they have a wedding aisle and there always seems to be someone there to talk to about ideas.
For my wedding we used white tableclothes and then cut 10" squares of colored fabric and turned them point to point along the table to make runners, I used small potted daisies for centerpieces, but my wedding was in Aug. Floating candles are gorgeous too.
IMHO favors are highly over rated - mine were candy and 2/3 of them were left behind and 6months later I am still finding more in the house ! If you have live flower centerpieces you can tag a seat at the table to take it home with them.
Also - the table cameras - really expensive and rarely does anyone take any good pictures. We just asked friends to bring their own digital cameras and pass the pictures along to us.
Something we considered but didn’t end up doing was making a donation to a local charity and putting a card from the charity on everyones chair.

Best of Luck !!

When my daughter married we put various small photos of the bride or groom from when they were little up to present day on the tables as part of the center pieces. On a long table you could put a few down each table. It was a good conversation starter and encouraged people to mingle to see the photos on other tables.

On the guest book table we had a wedding photo of each set of parents and on the gifts table was a wedding photo of each set of grandparents.

People really seemed to enjoy seeing the couple’s history in this way.

After the wedding we gave the frames from the guest tables to friends who had helped with the wedding, and gave the grandparents the frames we used on their photos. We kept a few of the guest table frames for the bride and groom.

I don’t know what it would cost this time of year (my daughter was married in summer and we had several lavender farms close by) but we filled little violet draw string sheer bags with lavender buds and passed those out for people to throw in place of rice when the bride and groom left.

Good luck, and don’t work so hard you are too tired to enjoy the day!

Mama Bear

My husband and I made magnets as favors, with our wedding theme on them. It’s fun to go to peoples houses and see them on the fridge…lol we also did hand made soaps.

I wanted to do the mini choc bars with the custom labels, they had a do it yourself site with the templates for them.

Not helpful for your centerpiece needs, but a friend’s daughter was married two years ago. She went out after Valentine’s Day and bought up a bunch of candy that was marked down & set up a “Candy Bar” along one of the walls @ the reception.

They put out several of those big glass canisters full of M & Ms and other “loose” candy, scoops & little bowls, and people could go and make their own little bowl of candy to munch on. (My kids were in Heaven!)

They also did something similar to Mama Bear’s daughter w/ the pictures on each table. It was really fun to see the history of the kids.

Good luck w/ all of this. Let us know what you come up with!! I think the tree idea is fantastic, btw!!