OT-Wedding Gift Ideas

I have a friend who is getting married in a couple of weeks and I am having a little trouble thinking of a wedding gift for them. It is NOT going to be knitted. (yes Dustina…go ahead and laugh! :roll:) I have the idea for a tree for them to plant and I really like that idea.

However, they have kind of a Message in a Bottle theme going on from their engagement. I am trying to think of something I can do centered around that. I don’t really want to do wine or anything like that since they don’t really do wine. Can any of you think of anything unique and interesting that I could do for a gift? It doesn’t really have to be super cheap (though not super expensive either…lol)

I can’t think of anything in the “message in a bottle” theme right now, but when my bf’s parents got married, someone gave her mom a set of cookware with an unlimited warranty, stipulating that no matter what happened to the cookware, it would be replaced.

She wasn’t a very good cook back then, so she ruined the first pot she ever tried using and told me that one of the best wedding gifts she’d received was that “unlimited warranty” on her pots and pans :teehee:

lol that’s a great idea. They are actually both very good cooks and don’t really need real house stuff unless it is really unique.

just as a point of info…they both have the ability to buy whatever they want and need so I am looking for something that is more special than anything else.

Yes I know something knitted would be special but they are going to have to wait for their babies to have that stuff! :wink:

Do they have a hobby or something they enjoy doing together? I don’t know where they live or what they like to do, but…

Nice picnic basket filled with goodies (dishes, glasses, flatware, etc…)
Double beach or lake towel and toys for beach play
Matching silk pajamas
Matching robes (monogrammed?)
Mongrammed keepsake box for wedding photos, etc

what if you got them the tree, and VERY gently carved their initials in a heart in the bark
not enough to kill the tree, but so it would grow with the tree
and be a reminder forever


an IOU for a feather and fan afghan rolled up and placed in a bottle :rofl: :roflhard:

or how about something typed up for the tree in a bottle… cause I really like the tree idea… you could find them a neat little bottle start them off in a bottle collection… besides the one he got for her… :shrug:

I love the idea of a tree. Maybe you can hang a tiny bottle with a message from one of the branches.

Nadja xxx

lol dustina you are evil i tell you! i would rather do a baby afghan! :wink:

Yeah I am thinking I am going to go with a tree. I can’t really get that idea outta my head so I think that must be a sign. :slight_smile: Now I just have to decide what kind! :wall: