OT: Wedding Games

Any fun ideas out there for fun games to play at a wedding? We don’t want to dance really, but we do like reindeer games! There will be about 40-45 people, mostly family, and we just wanna have fun.

I’m thinking of butcher paper instead of table linens with boxes of crayons on the tables, pop-rocks as wedding favors (I think they spark in the dark, don’t they?), maybe kazoos and have a contest. Also thinking about badminten (sp?) and/or bocce ball. Is badminten hard to play for the average guy or gal?

Any novel ideas from a fun wedding that comes to mind would be appreciated and considered.

Thanks :wink:

We had a croquet field set up at our wedding. Nobody actually played except for the kids, we were all to busy eating, drinking, and making merry, but I thought it’d be a cool idea and many other people did too.

If you’re less into motion and more into mental, you might try Balderdash, where one person (the judge) announces a word and spells it, and everyone writes a fake definition for it, while the judge writes the real definition. Then the judge reads all the definitions out loud, and the group casts votes for which one they think is the real definition. Whomever’s definition wins the vote gets a point for each vote, and you can decide amongst yourselves how many points it takes to win.

Also, you can place a board game as a centerpiece at each table at your reception. Then your guests can play the game and the winner can take the game home as a favor.

These are some ideas, hope they help!e

Balderdash is SO much fun!!
(My family is quite perverted so we get some very…unique responses. :rofling: )

Scatergories is an awesome board game too.

oooh that’s a fun idea! game boards. you could do a whole theme around the game of life and other games! (yeah in my head it is mostly life…lol)

I went to one, where everyone got a ribbin with a safety pin on it. They picked a forbidden word, like love etc. And if you accidently said it, the person who called you out for saying it got your ribbons, the person with the most amount of ribbons won a prize.

twister? :stuck_out_tongue: hehe just kidding - not sure I have any suggestions but it sounds like a fun idea rather than dancing to play some cool games =D

thanks for the suggestions!