OT: Websites

Hey girls,

I’m FINALLY getting around to creating my website / gallery.

And whilst I know HTML, and have great tools for publishing etc, I guess I’m just stuck for a place to start. I have a lot of the content already sorted, but no ‘front page’.

Who has a personal website, that is not a ‘blog’ so to speak?

I have one for doing my schooling(I have to present it to my advisor at the end of January), I was thinking of getting a free domain for knitting patterns and such. Don’t know.

Isn’t HTML fun? :slight_smile:

I have several websites that are mostly interconnected in some way, shape, or form! I taught myself HTML back in ‘98, and been geekin’ it ever since!

I do! :cheering: http://www.atomicfairy.tk

if that doesn’t work try: http://www.geocities.com/mclittledrink

I did all the code by hand :slight_smile: If you need any help, just holla!
I taught myself HTML and css, and I also took a class in Website design, and it used a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor.[/size]

Normally I’m all about show and tell with my websites, but as none of the ones I’ve done involve knitting, I doubt anyone would be interested - mine are mostly library collection related (dance, theatre, and chemisty :smiley: )

My website is centered around my artwork, while my blog is reserved for knitting and rambling. :smiley:


Mine is pretty amateur - I taught myself HTML one week and set it up to document my pregnancy. Now, I use it so the family can keep up with DD.


Oh, I have websites all right, but I cheat. I get my sister to do the the HTML pages, PHP scripts, and MSQL databases. :wink:

Well I do have one that is all hand coded, but it’s ancient and rather ugly. I did it back when I was into graphics. I’ve been contemplating taking it down and making something simpler. And yes, my handle in the graphics world and a few other places is Purrcat. :roflhard:

I’ve had them off and on for years. I was actually thinking of asking for a domain for Christmas. I had www.pengaloo.net for a year in high school and had fun with it. :smiley: I was always horrible at the content part, though!
Have fun with it. :smiley:

I created and maintain the website for our cabinet shop - it’s very amateur (I used Netscape/Mozilla Composer and continue to use it to update the site), and my knowledge of HTML is absolutely minimal - but the site is at http://www.woodbros.com if anyone’s curious.

I enjoyed the descriptions of the staff! :smiley:

:oops: I forgot about that page!! That was written mostly by my husband’s son. (The company is my husband, his son and me.) I refused to let him write about me! :smiley:

No, really, I thought it was fun. :wink:

Thanks! But I have to add that my husband is not “gnarled”!!! :smiley: (Smart-alecky son of his! I hope he looks as good as my sweetie does when he’s 62!)

Oh, I was sure it was all in good fun! :lol: