OT: Weatherman screaming like a little girl

Did you guys see this video of a weatherman freaking out about a cockroach in the studio?

So funny!!!

Some boys are so silly when it comes to bugs. DH makes me kill all of the spiders.

Now picture yourself naked in the shower. That’s how it happened to me. And my scream was MUCH :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: louder.

Poor guy. Not only to have to confront your fears but have yourself broadcast on tv screaming like that! :oops: Of course we got to see two very different sides of this weatherman! His original “broadcast side” is totally different from his screaming in hysterics at a pitch higher than I scream at!

Yes, dear, but you weren’t naked in the shower on your local television network now were you? :smiley:

I’m just saying that at least he had CLOTHES on. And shoes. Roaches don’t scare me nearly as much when I can just step on them.

The people I know who are most bothered by bugs are guys. Go figure. One I know always thinks some bug is attacking him. He’s always like, ‘and then this roach attacked me’. That roach didn’t attack you, he was just walking minding his own roachy business. Either that or running from you in a blind panic.

They showed that on the Tonight Show last night! Silly man!! :teehee:

I tried to look at it and it sayed that it was removed :waah:

Me too. Now I’ll never know what the vid was about. :shrug:

same here.

watch the noah takes a pic of himself everyday for 6 years one. Very creepy.

I saw it this morning, and laughed my head off. I guess I shouldn’t have, because roaches are my biggest phobia, and I’d have probably acted much worse. :roflhard:

I found it but now it has disappeared again, the guy has some serious issues. Check out “fun with treadmills” if you can, they do more on theirs than I do in a month! :teehee: Oh and also check out “possessed demon cat”, I would not want to meet that cat in a dark alley! (turn your volume down for the cat!)

There are too many videos on that site! :rofl:

Aw I wanted to see it! :verysad:

this is a horrible way to describe it but go to youtube.com and do a search on “Gay Weather Man vs. Cockroach” and you should find it…

That is the band OK Go. Yes; that is the name of the band. They were on the MTV Video Music Awards a week or so ago and did this live on the show. They also sing the song that they are preforming to. This vid of them on You Tube was their actual music video, a piece of gray plastic duct taped to the wall behind 8 treadmills. I find it fascinating and can’t watch it enough. I think you can see the actul MTV clip if you search of “OK Go” We like their music as well as their video!

that worked, I’m much worse than that…my dh laughs at me.

Wow that noah one was cool. I was distrubed by the many responses he got that didn’t like it. Its a public forum I guess. But then I was really shocked at how much porn pops up as well. And no one has flagged them as innapropriate! My 10 year likes to go to u-tube. yeeesh. :!!!: