OT - Wanna play a game?

Amy to be honest there is no difference to me in cloth and dispsable minus a few loads of laundry. I get pretty passionate about cloth but I’ll leave it at that!

The person below me has a very strange variety of CDs in her car (Bob Marley, Violent Femmes, Soundtrack from “Chicago”, John Denver, The Andrews Sisters, Bette Midler singing Rosemary Clooney, Soundtrack from “Pulp Fiction”, Alannis Morisette, Sarah McLaughlin, The Story, and other rock, showtunes and female volcalists)

False, right now it is basically limited to Eagles, The Who and Led Zep. I might have a Nickleback tossed in there.


Um Nuno … what’s your question? What do I answer? :-?

Well … I’ll take the CD question again…

True … my CD collection is quite varied. I have Blade the Soundtrack, Urban Knights, Bach, Bellydance compilation, Merengue comp … the list goes on. My philosophy concering music … Never mind “genres” … if it sounds good, listen to it!! :happydance:

The person below me has curly hair and is HAPPY with its curliness…


False! But i’m really into Formel 1, especially since it seems to be more interesting this season!

The Person below me hates love films.

As for the CD’s: I do have a strange mix lying around here. From classic music(Chopin!) to reggae(Morgan Heritage) to alternative(Korn), etc.

True and False … My son who is 34 got cloth diapers, My son who is 22 got cloth at home and disposable when we went out.

The person below me always has more than one knitting project going on at the same time.

So VERY true!!! Right now it’s a sock, a teddy bear & a wash cloth!

The person below me cannot get through the day without pots and pots of coffee!!

FALSE FALSE FALSE!!! Don’t like it, and I really can’t stand the smell of it…makes me almost physically ill…dates back to when I was small and took a bunch of my mom’s medication (I probably thought it was candy) and not having ipecac in the house, the doctor told her to give me strong strong coffee w/ketchup and mustard and other weird things in it to make me ill. It worked! Thankfully my husband doesn’t like coffee either!

The person below me has a schoodle…ours is named Yoda.


False, do not have any pets, but would go for a beagle, basset hound, or chocolate lab.

The person below me has a greenhouse filled with herbs and plants.


I hate spiders so would never be able to handle a greenhouse or plants. Only thing I have in the house is one cactus!

The person below me pole dances for exercise and bellydances for fun!

Nope… if i was magically to turn thin (not happening) i would force my boyfriend into takeing swing dance lessions though

the person below me only uses sented girly homemade soaps

False. I use Dove.

TPBM… loves country music.

Love is such a strong word lol… i like it YES but i dont LOVE IT… i will jump threw a ring of fire for Garth but he is the only one… the rest i just like Kenny is pretty Awsome too… and Dolly…

the person below me is listening to music right now

False, although I usually do listen to music while on the computer. The coolest thing is KEXP, the UW radio station that was voted “best radio website in the world”!!! :smiley: That is the #1 thing I do while knitting, because I can’t look at something else (i.e. watch tv, movies, read, etc) and knit - I envy those who can! :shock: For those of you who like eclectic tastes in music, KEXP has an awesome variety normally, and radio shows featuring world music, reggae, hip hop, country music, blues, rockabilly, etc etc etc… I HIGHLY recommend checking it out - you can also listen to archived shows up to two weeks after they were played!! :happydance: (www.kexp.org)

TPBM…loves working in the garden.

i dont know… i dont have a garden… so i dont know if i would like it… i have no Yard… so cant have a garden apartment dweller

the person below me is an adult who loves cartoons

False: Love plants, think I’d like to garden if I ever get to own a house again, wish I’d inherited my Gmom’s green thumb, but alas…being asthmatic doesn’t help the cause either.

I listen to almost everything, musically. I sing a lot of opera and oratorio. I adore choral music. I am a child of the 80’s, Siouxzee and the Banshees, The Cure, XTC, Talking Heads, U2, the list goes on forever. Love folk, blue grass, classic rock, non-modern country, showtunes, swing, everything but rap. Nearly cried last week when I read that the drummer for Crowded House committed suicide.

Nicholey got in before I did! Next person take your pick from our TPBM’s!

TPBM: Is a picky eater.

TPBM: Is a picky eater.


TPBM…is a bad speller

FALSE. I won my 6th grade Spelling bee! :stuck_out_tongue:

TPBM dreams of several other projects while knitting something else.

FALSE : when im done with one thing i panic to find something i can knit on the size needles i have

TPBM: dyes there hair! ADMIT IT

True and False… I haven’t for awhile but have an appointment to go blue.

TPBM… has blue eyes

False… I have hazel eyes.

The person below me has met someone famous.

ooooh lady… who did you meet?