OT - Wanna play a game?

Easy way to get to know interesting facts about people and pass some time :smiley: It is called “The person below me (TPBM)” The statement must be true about you when you write it. Then the person below will either answer true or false and then ask another question… So I’ll start

The person below me has red hair

Sounds fun! Okay…

False! (Unless strawberry blonde counts). As a kid I was blonde, and I always prayed for red hair. By highschool I had strawberry blonde hair, so it must have worked to some degree!

The person below me is my husband, by a few inches.
Ha ha.
Okay, seriously…

The person below me likes funky, unusual cheeses!


False,I’m a ‘usual’ cheese fan tho, mozz.,cheddar,american.

The person below me can’t live without [color=red]chocolate[/color].

True, I can’t live with out chocolate (or my knitting)

The person below me likes shopping in the rain.

true. but i prefer dancing in it.

the person below me is a feminist.

True!! :cheering: I’m actually an activist that is trying to build the women’s liberation movement, among other things. (I don’t think men are the enemy though - gender division only obscures the real fight, between the have’s and have’nots). Anyway~ :wink:

The person below me doesn’t like scary movies :help:

Very true!

The person below me cannot go into a LYS without making a purchase :XX:

false… im too poor to buy stuff… i just go and drool until i get a job

the person below me 's fav. color is neon pink :shock:

SO VERY FALSE :shock: my favorite color is green, EVERYTHING should be green. Strangely enough, I have no green clothing.

The person below me is anal retentive, but only about things that affect no one but herself…like the fact that she cuts her waffles into pieces that are all the same size, before eating them, and she has the most organized dishdrain in the universe! :oops:

False – I think – I cut my children’s waffles in squares of the same size. :shock: And until you pointed it out, I didn’t even realize I did that! I’m not quite sure what an organized dishdrain is … mine’s just regular. :lol:

The person below me never has fewer than 10 books from the library in the house and would rather go to the library than shopping.

I ALWAYS…WITHOUT FAIL…wash plates first, then glasses, then bowls, then tupperware lids, then tupperware, then the coffee pot, then pots & pans, then large utensils, then silverware. Everything fits in my dishdrain PERFECTLY. :shock:

This is fun!

Nuno, we can only go once, right? Or are we allowed multiple go’s?

False: I have twenty six library books in my house… no, that’s how many I have, others in the family have a few. I would rather go to the library THEN go shopping. The LYS is just down the road, but the nearest bookstore is 96 miles away. Don’t ask me to shop for clothes, too depressing.

The person below me drives like Mario Andretti but doesn’t know how to parallel park.

Multiple times! Keep it going :smiley:

The person below me drives like Mario Andretti but doesn’t know how to parallel park.

The person below me… uses (or will use) cloth diapers

Oh! Ok, well my dishdrain would probably just make you crazy then, 'cause sometimes I just slap the dishtowel down on the counter, wash the dishes, dry them and put the away. But, then again, I have a very regimented way to put things in the dishwasher. If anyone puts them in there a different way, I will rearrange them. :mrgreen:

RE: Library books: True, true, my God so true! LOL.
I had to make myself a library bag with two strands of homespun held together for strength because it had to be BIG. Now it’s so big that I can fit more library books than I can carry in it. My hubby has to carry it for me and on the way to/from the library it has to go in the trunk. Lucky for me, my library sets a limit of 100 books out at a time. Hee hee.

Let’s see…the person below me has at least one skein of yarn in her sight right now as she sits at her computer. True or false?

False re: the yarn – it’s downstairs; I’m up in my bedroom w/ my notebook computer. :smiley:

As far as the library bag goes: We went so far as to get a box with wheels!! It’s always full, too. What’s nice is that even the kids can cart around the books at the library.

So VERY true! I actually already have a cloth diaper collection, even though I’m feeling pretty iffy about even wanting a kid! (When my sister’s kids outgrew theirs, she passed them on to me.) If the cloth diapers don’t work out, my next plan is to look into “natural disposables” and whether they could be composted (for the FLOWER garden, or woods).

The person below me is VERY good about recycling.

TRUE TRUE TRUE…I even bring paper recyclables from my office HOME to recycle! And, I try as often as I can to purchase products with POST-CONSUMER content! Seventh Generation bathroom tissue, garbage bags, dishwasher liquid (Amy, check into that www.gaiam.com) are my FAVORITE!

The person below me has a very strange variety of CDs in her car (Bob Marley, Violent Femmes, Soundtrack from “Chicago”, John Denver, The Andrews Sisters, Bette Midler singing Rosemary Clooney, Soundtrack from “Pulp Fiction”, Alannis Morisette, Sarah McLaughlin, The Story, and other rock, showtunes and female volcalists)

Amy, just make sure you have time to wash the diapers if you use cloth. With my son it was great. Let’s just say with my daughter it wasn’t (gross!)