OT: Wake Food?

Hello all…

My best friends mother just died this weekend, and we have a wake to go to on Saturday.

I was told that I didn’t need to bring food…but I am going to anyway…

What would you all suggest?

Also, I want to do something special for my friend. Any suggestions? Skipping flowers and ignoring donations, I want to do something specifically for my friend. Something just for her. And something that I can do in a week. I was thinking I might knit her a teddy bear…

What do you all think…?

Thank you

Whatever you do best and she likes. For me it would be pie unless it was for the few who don’t like pie.

I think a casserole with meat would be good.

A ham. Maybe spiral sliced…not only could it be used at the wake, but the family will be able to use any that’s left over to make easier meals for themselves afterwards - sandwiches, etc. Something that can carry over and help them through the first few days are always welcome. Everything is so overwhelming that the simple things like “what are we going to do for meals after all this is over” never cross your mind.

My sympathies.

In the past years I’ve taken to making a casserole or some nice comfort food (read desserts) in a microwavable dish or disposable plate of some kind, that I don’t mind going astray.

I know after my son died, people from church sent food over the first couple of weeks as I was pretty much a basket case. I don’t think anything came as such a relief as not having to worry about the rest of the family being fed and I was truly most thankful to those people.


I think it is starting to sink in now. I wasn’t overly close in the past years, but I did grow up in her house from about 12-18. She was a funny woman. Funny strange, not so much funny ha ha…but we loved her.

I think I will make a coconut cream pie.

I was thinking about it…my friends mom had a very thick german accent, and she came out to the front porch to offer us a snack. My best friend loves Coke (the beverage) and so when we were offered “Coke & cream pie” she was all over it. Her mom brought us a coconut cream pie. My friend looked at her and said “hey, where is my coke?” and her mom looked at her and said “there is no coke, get your own drink”…

It was a coconut creme pie we were offered, not coke and cream pie…

Maybe some coke and and a cream pie would be a fair offering. smiles

That sounds like a very thoughtful offering of food. I’ll bet she will appreciate it. The ham idea was a great idea, also.

When someone in our family dies, it is considered important to make something that can be frozen. This is because my family is massive and you can bet that EVERYONE will arrive with massive amounts of food for the immediate relatives of the deceased, and there is no way that it could all be eaten before it goes bad. (Of course, we all also bring desserts… but 1) most desserts can be frozen and 2) some of the plates of cookies get set out for the visitors… who are cleaning the house, feeding the cats, doing the laundry, and in general making sure that the family is well cared for.

For the record, potato soup can NOT be frozen.

My mom’s one cousin whose husband passed away three years ago received so much food that her freezer was stocked for almost a year. (of course, she cooks herself and she and the girls ate out sometimes… but still!)

That’s a great story and a great idea. The coke and a cream pie. I’m sure your friend will get the joke and it’s a wonderful way to remember her mom. That is a very thoughtful gesture just for her. My sympathies.

That story made me smile :slight_smile: I second the idea of doing something that will remind her of the fun times…

I think your idea is great. Something I started doing a few years ago, is to take a platter of fresh fruit. Usually strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and cherries. Things that are not cut up, so they can sit out for a while. People will graze on them and a little fresh fruit never hurt.
My condolences.

I just wanted to let you all know that everything went really well on Saturday. A really perfect tribute. It was at my bff’s moms house. About 40 people showed up. I even had a mini highschool reunion which was really neat.

The three children spoke, with a beer toast (she was a German lass) and it was just a really good send off!

I hope I have such a great wake when I go!