OT Visit from a Relative ;)

We had a visitor today…

Actually we had several, but the hummingbirds, mama grouse and tiny babies, and other small things didn’t cause the stir that THIS GUY did!

We knew he was around. There is even a baited cage that the ranger put out on our place. Of course he didn’t go anywhere near the cage… just walked right next to our place and sauntered on.

Mama Bear

:shock: :shock:

I’m scared to ask, what kind of trap did he set? Not the kind that if he steps in it it’ll break his leg or something? Is it? If its bad, don’t tell me, okay tell me, but be gentle… :crying:

I hate any animal being hurt that’s why I ask.

No… it’s a cage. Big cage. We really like the bears here and try hard to respect their place in the forest.

Generally bears are just as happy not to be seen by us and it works well for all concerned. There are other bears in the area we are aware of, but they are fine and not causing problems.

However bear are hungry when they come out of hibernation and some will go for easy food when available. Unfortunately, as careful as some of us are (we have very strict rules and a set up here) not to provide that food and mess up the natural balance, there always seems to be someone around who considers it beyond them to secure their trash sigh

Once a bear discovers easy food, it’s can be hard to convince them not to come back.

This particular bear seems to have NO fear of people, cars, honking horns… This is not normal behaviour for a black bear.

The game warden chased him a LONG ways shooting off loud noise makers to discourage his return. Obviously it didn’t work.

I’m not certain, but I think the next step is to cage him, sedate him, and move him FAR away. If that doesn’t work, then I think they sadly do have to kill him. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

Very sad indeed since it’s really not his fault that people were not careful with their trash!

Mama Bear

Oh wow :shock:

That’s good, thanks for sharing that. Out here, the bear population is starting to make themselves known and there are, as you said, but I’ll put it a little more bluntley, Stupid people who know they are out there and don’t keep there trash inside the garage. And they seem to find a way to kill all of them instead of realizing that WE are trampling on THEIR territory and not the other way around. Makes me sad to hear that they are being killed, :frowning: sigh, I know there has to be a better solution, I wonder what it is…

I have to add this, aren’t they just beautiful. :heart: I love bears. They are such a gorgeous animal…

There has been a lot of talk about bears around here, too. My poor grandson ran up the driveway off the bus on Friday (not an easy feat) because he heard the driver say that another driver had seen a bear crossing the road (north of here.) It took a lot of convincing that we don’t have a bear waiting to eat him in our woods.

I do so hope that they are able to catch & relocate him.

That game warden might have better luck if he put a trash can with some old pizza boxes in that giant have-a-heart trap of his.

I love and respect bears. Magnificent creatures. Any being that enjoys sushi as much as I do is a-okay in my book.


That’s a good idea! Then maybe the bear would start to associate garbage cans with getting caught and be less likely to be lured in by them too!

The wardens here are actually very good at relocation and such. It’s very rare that they need to kill one of these majestic animals. In fact, I only know of one time in all the years I have been here.

Even though the warden told people here that they could shoot the bear if absolutely necessary, they did request that people first shoot at the ground and TRY to scare the bear away.

We had a dog until a couple of years ago (he died at age 13) who would circle the area around our place all night long, patroling and letting the bears know just where they were to stay clear of.

One year when we were visiting Yosemite, they were not letting Cameros and Firebirds into the park. Seems someone in a Camero had left food in view in their car, despite ALL the warnings, literature, signs etc. The bear who they dubbed “Camero Bear” developed an association that went Camero = food container.

They said this bear could pop the top on a Camero about like we would pop the tab on a pop can!

Fortunately at least most of the people in our area have a healthy respect for nature and how things should be done.

Mama Bear

:shock: This is just scary! If the bear stays, he could be killed WHILE at the same time, if the bear stays a person could be killed as well. I hope they can just relocate him.

Or how about the warden setting up some food AWAY from people to encourage bear to rome the OTHER way? :thinking:

I hope bear and people alike are well in the end… :pray:

My grandmother has one it keeps coming down for her bird feeders its an older black bear… he rips all of her birdhouses and items down I don’t know why she keeps putting them up :thinking: but she had papa take a photo of it and it came back kinda blurry she asked him why didn’t you get closer?? he said well its size, being an older bear, I was ready to run if you want a better picture you go sit out in the yard and wait :rofling: