OT: USPS tracking system

Does it actually work??? Every time I’ve tried to track a package w/ USPS it doesn’t seem to work correctly–I’m either told the tracking number doesn’t exist or I don’t get actual information on the package until the day the darn thing arrives…

It works, but they don’t update it as often as I’d like. :shrug: Also if the order is new it takes awhile before they get the number in their system. :doh:

Darn USPS…they need to be faster…

it only works if you pay the big money for tracking. Delivery confirmation rarely says anything until it is either actually delivered or until it has gotten to the town it is going to be delivered in.

I don’t know the actual tracking works for those ones where you pay more money because i have never sprung for it but it is SUPPOSED to be more like the UPS tracking anyway. :shrug:

My sock swap pal paid for the USPS tracking. It said that the package was accepted on 2/13, and didn’t update again until 2/19, when it arrived in my town’s post office. :shrug:

it always works really well for me.
(at least sending between NY and here.)
but then the mail in general works better here, I think.

I ordered a couple of sling rings b/c I’m making custom baby slings now and I really need two of them to get here so I can finish two slings…the first order I placed says the tracking number doesn’t exist and the second order I placed two days later says that the vendor notifed them on the 20th to expect my package for shipping. Neither have changed since the 20th…

Of all the traits I didn’t get…why did patience have to be one of them…

Delivery confirmation is NOT tracking. The USPS is only required to scan the package at delivery, and no other time. If they happen to scan at other points, then that’s just a bonus LOL! I have sold on eBay on and off for about 5 years and delivery confirmation is only meant to be proof of delivery. If you want actual tracking that is updated at every point along the way, ship UPS :roll: . I know its sucks, but that is just the way it all works. :!!!:

when I buy through amazoncom i always get the tracking number and it works like a charm. It’s not always updated right away, but they do about every 2-3 days

I usually find it in my mailbox before they even acknowledge that it’s been shipped. :!!!:

Yeah, that tracking option doesn’t seem to be very helpful. If a package takes 2-3 days to be delivered and they only update it every 2 or 3 days, not very helpful. I really thought that tracking was nothing but delivery confirmation since it never gives me any info until it’s actually delivered. I’m not paying for their tracking again.

Me too. I had something shipped to my brother and sil in NV and it showed 4 different cities that it went through before it got to their house. It was actually really fun to track and see where it was going. Usually it didn’t take too long to update unless it showed that it was received in a city late at night, then it took longer sometimes to see that it left that city. I’ve never had a prob with it before though…it usually updates in no more than 2 days.

I see that kind of tracking (multiple cities) w/ UPS but not USPS…I know they secretly just have it out for me… :shifty:

And in fact, I just got this email from Knitty Noddy, who is in Oregon and I’m in Chicago:

I just checked the Track&Confirm number at USPS for your Lady G, and the USPS web site does not give any useful information :frowning:

I’ve never paid money for tracking and it always works, just not quickly. :shrug: I have had sites that gave me the wrong number or it was like KP and it was some weird version.

you can ship usps through amazon? i didn’t even know they had that option. thanks. i generally prefer usps to ups because the post office people can get into my mailbox whereas the ups people have to leave it on the lobby table, from which stuff has been stolen.