OT: USPS change of address experience

Hey all!

Recently I ordered some KnitPicks yarn online (what a shocker!). According to the tracking information, my package arrived at my local post office on 6/30/06. But, I haven’t received it yet.

Let me digress… I’m moving out of state on 7/8/06. My husband submitted an online change of address form to the USPS. They ask what specific date you want your mail to be redirected. My husband entered 7/8/06. Well… immediately we began not receiving any mail. We had to call our postmaster and request that our mail be delivered to our current address until 7/8/06. Yesterday, we finally began receiving our mail again.

Now back to the main story. My package tracking information said that my yarn was at my local post office. Since it’s been there since June 30th and I still had not received it by yesterday afternoon, I visited my post office. My yarn package was not there. So, today I checked my mail and apartment office again. No luck. So I called USPS customer service. Since KnitPicks uses SmartPost (FedEx, then USPS), I was told to call KnitPicks. Next I called KnitPicks, and they confirmed everything I was saying. The lady there was very nice and said that if my yarn isn’t at my new address when I arrive, KnitPicks will resend the order to my new address.

So, a word of advice: don’t do a change of address online until a couple of days before moving!! :thumbsup:

I had the opposite problem! I changed mine a month ahead of time and it was more than a month AFTER I moved into the new place before I got my mail!

That’s good that they will resend you the order though.