OT: using html in signature

How do I post html in my signature?

HTML shows as ‘off’, even though I have it checked in my profile to always allow it. What am I missing?

you clicked ‘yes’ under allow html? And then hit the submit button? I don’t know what to do beyond that…you may have to ask one of the mod squad.

[color=red] EDIT:[/color] It does show up at the bottom tool bar…the www; or are u referring to something else? Is this: http://www.whiteshadephotos.smugmug.com/ what u r going for?..it’s showing up @ www on toolbar
Edit again:
[/color] I figured it out… Just copy & paste pag title that you want to put with your signature & put it in your signature box & submit…don’t touch the html button.

No, I meant in the signature file people post…

Like what they’re working on…their own sites, etc., located as their signature in this text box instead of on the bar below.

i don’t think i understand what you mean but maybe you can PM one of the people whose post you have seen this in and ask them? Or if you can even just post in here one you have seen that on so we can look at it and then go from there?

i work way better with examples ya know! :wink:

I get it. Like brendajos you have green in your signature. How did you make it green?

OOoh I did it! So I went into a thread and hit “post reply” and used the tools in the window like font size and the html showed up so I cut and past that HTML language around the word “Reading” in my signiture and then it showed up! cool.

OOoo now I did it with the word knitting. Cool.

Yeah, it’s easy once u play around with it a bit :wink:

Okay, so it’s not HTML in the profile (or board, for that matter), it’s BBCode. HTML is easy…but not when it doesn’t show up! That’s where I was banging my head against the wall.

I should have checked the FAQs first:


or rather, BBCode faq

LOL, I didn’t know those FAQs were there…oops!

Doh! :doh: