Ot: urgent..please help

Stolen Chihuahuas - please help! 3 of our lovely Chihuahuas were stolen on the night of (04/01/10)
These people knew what they were after, since they didn’t touch anything else.
The Police have been over and will be making enquiries, however we aren’t holding out much hope. These are all KC registered dogs, and are quality examples of the breed. Because of this it will be unusual if they are sold at a cheap price without KC paperwork. Please keep your eyes out for unusually cheap dogs, they could be ours!
Lucy is a blue female, 4.5lbs and 7 months old.
Chloe is a cream bitch, 4lb and 9 months old.
Charlie is a Sable dog, 3.5lb and 12 months old.
Please look at the pictures and let us know if you see them. A reward will be given to anyone who can give information helping us find our dogs, we are extremely upset as you can imagine.
Please post about this on your facebook page, hit the share+ button on the left hand side
Please post about this on all the forums you visit
Please print the poster out and put it in shops,vets etc etc
Please ring your vets, dogs wardens and state 3 chihuahuas have been stolen - 1 male, 2 females, male sable, females one blue one cream.
Male is microchipped
PLEASE HELP ME!!! please think how you would feel if one of your loved ones went missing!!! please just 5 mins of your time they could be anywhere in the UK.
Please visit my Facebook site…your help in this is greatly appreciated. Thankyou so much. Sarah
Facebook link to appeal http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=270802133097&ref=nf

Have you tried searching Craigslist? When my brother’s dog went missing, someone posted on there that they had found him, possibly an ad would be posted on Craigslist, or, the post here could be posted on Craigslist as well…I hope those babies are found!

Thankyou…any other help would be great…:muah: