OT: Uncle Larry's Kilt-Lifter Extravaganza

Hey everyone!
I have an Irish themed hour long radio show at Portland State University called Uncle Larry’s Kilt-Lifter Extravaganza. I play: all kinds of Irish music (traditional, Rock, Punk, Pop), music by Irish-born musicians, music off of Irish movie soundtracks, comedic bits by Irish comedians, reviews of the newest movie that has something to do with Ireland, reviews of Irish books/authors, and whatever else I can get my freckled hands on. It’s streamed live on Fridays from 2-3PM PST at http://www.kpsu.org/program/uncle_larrys_kiltlifter_extravaganza and/or you can download it for free if you want to listen to it later; like when you’re battling your WIP.
My motto is that I’m not a very good DJ, but I play some kick arse music!
Old Skool

P.S. I knit in the booth while the songs are playing!

P.P.S. Mods, if this kind of post isn’t allowed, feel free to remove it. I’ll understand. :slight_smile:

Sounds good and I love the title .

Have you heard the Tommy (Tiernan) and Hector show on our national broadcaster RTE 2fm? Tommy is one of our finest (if a bit cutting edge) stand up comediens and he and Hector are best mates from school. Great music and damn funny!