OT Transit Strike

I’m wondering if anyone else was affected by the NYC transit strike? I’m in Manhattan, but work in Queens (about 10 miles from my apartment). I couldn’t walk to cab to work because of the reverse commute situation. I was one of the lucky ones that could work from home since I have PLENTY of paperwork to catch up on - the hardest part of the day for me was NOT KNITTING. It was sitting right there looking at me while I repeated my mantra, “must not knit” and “must write casenotes” I succeeded and am struggling now to finish off those last couple of gifts.

I really feel for all my friends and others in the city who struggled in the bitter cold to get to work… some were walking so far, I’m sure it’s not safe. But Kudos to everyone determined to ‘do what they have to do’ and I’m greatful for a great supervisor.

My mom works in the city, lives in Brooklyn. She took a car service to work. Thankfully, her work pays for it (it’s either that or face having the majority of their employees call in sick - not an option for a 4-star hotel in mid-town manhattan.)

I’ll be giving her a call in a little bit to see how she made out.

I’m glad to hear you didn’t have to brave to weather!


For those in/near the city, how can someone get from the port authority bus station to the airport? Are there any shuttles or trains running out there?

A friend of mine needs to get to the airport on Thursday. She’s an international student and she hasn’t been home in over two years. She’s freaking out!

Sogrammatical, which airport is your friend flying out of? There are 3 in the NYC area. Most likely it is JFK she is flying out of, but there are also international flights going out of Newark. Also, LaGuardia has internal flights that may be connecting to international flights. Believe me when I tell you that it can make a big difference. Let me know and I will try and find out for you.

To be honest, I’m not sure which airport she’s leaving from. I can find out tomorrow when I see her. My guess is probably JFK though.

sheesh. as much as it sucks not to have a LYS within 30 minutes of me, I am SO GLAD that my town is small. We have 10 stoplights and TWO taxi cabs, and everything is within 5 miles of each other.

[color=darkblue]What is a stoplight??? What is a taxi cab???
We have ONE four corners. LOL

I cant even imagine what its like in NYC right now… :shock: DH works for the Chicago Transit Authority and, in addition, was a PoliSci major in college. He is sitting on the edge of his seat watching this situation unfold. Chicago, like NY, has laws about not striking. I can understand that a strike like that can cripple a city, but at the same time, does negate having a union, to a point. And, seeing how mismanaged OUR transit authority is, well, Im kinda on the edge of MY seat, as well!

If she is flying out of Newark, since Amtrak is still running, she could take an Amtrak train from Penn Station to Newark airport.(There is a shuttle from the train station to the airport that comes with the price of the train ticket.)

Sogrammatical, I just wanted to say that if your friend is really worried about traveling to the airport, she shouldn’t, there will still be ways to get there (there have always been cabs and buses that run to all the city airports). Just allow plenty of time for travel, it is slower right now.

People who aren’t sure about how to get about in the city should call New York’s 311 hotline. In any borough of New York City she can just call 311. If you’re calling from outside of New York City you should call (212) NEW-YORK (212-639-9675). They are busy, but more people manning the phones so she should get through if she keeps trying. OR you could check out www.mta.info for info on transportation alternatives.


And I thought xmas holiday shopping traffic was bad :rollseyes: Thank goodness I live in a bikeable city. Its like living in Amsterdam or somethin. Poor New Yorkers! I’m sending good thoughts to you :heart:

Our town may be facing a strike soon as well. The county didn’t have enough money for raises so they are planning on cutting everyone’s hours back so they can give them the raise (go figure that one!) Unfortunately, our city is not bikeable. We have very few bike lanes and even if we did I wouldn’t trust them. We have so few bikers in our town and for a good reason. Seems as though some people think that bikers are just moving targets. When I was in college I had a bike and can’t tell you the number of times I was nearly run off the road! It hasn’t improved even though they have added some bike lanes. I miss Oregon where we did have bike lanes that were used and respected.

My parents live on W 66th Street and my father works in the Wall Street/WTC area - my mother said yesterday he walked to 33rd Street, then got the PATH train that loops around to NJ and then back to the WTC stop… and he ran home! I guess it’s lucky that my father took up running about 14 months ago and now runs every morning, and is probably in better shape now at age 65 than ever before! (He puts the rest of us to shame…)

I hope this strike is settled soon, and not just for the sake of the workers and passengers currently dealing with it, but also for my own selfish sake: my husband and I are going home for a visit at the end of the month. We fly into Islip, and I don’t relish walking 30 blocks uptown with our suitcases once we get off the LIRR at Penn Station… especially if there’s bad weather!

Yep…the union just chose to ignore them.