OT - Toronto

I’m planning a trip to Toronto and thought I would see what everyone here had to say. I’m looking at sometime in December (to get an idea of the weather) and it’s to propose to my GF. We went there a few years ago and had a good time, but I’m looking for ideas of things to do there. Obviously we’ll have a nice dinner and the other type stuff that goes with a proposal. :wink: We went to the HHOF and probably will again, but what else is there that’s cool and different to do? I’m not sure if we’ll do the CN Tower, there’s usually a long wait and we don’t like to do the typical touristy stuff. Also, if anyone would like to recommend a good, not-so-expensive hotel, that’d be cool too. :slight_smile:

well i don’t know anything about toronto beyond that they have great theatre but
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For what you end up spending on parking, you should get a hotel in the downtown area. We stayed way out from the center of the city, and ended up spending a little more 'cause we had to pay to park everywhere we went.

The Bata Shoe museum is neat and quirky. The Royal Ontario Museum is nice. Toronto is such a great place. The weather so far here (We’re about 4 hours straight south) has been great, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the snow doesn’t set in before your trip.

I’m so excited for you! Do you have a plan? There are some really nice restaurants you can choose from for your romantic dinner!

The hotel I’m not so worried about, I think I’m just going to reserve a room in the same one we stayed in last time, the Novotel City Centre I believe, which was pretty much within walking distance of everything we wanted to go to.

We were there for Valentine’s Day in 2003 and I think it was recorded as the coldest day of the year and neither one of us had hats or scarves! Needless to say we froze walking around at night. We ended up spending $30 on scarves in the hotel lobby and I bought a hat at the Roots store in the big mall there, I forget the name. If only I had known how to knit at the time!

I don’t know where we’ll go for dinner, we’re not big on fancy stuff and we won’t want to dress up too too much. We’re fairly low maintenance :slight_smile: Suggestions are welcome! Not the Spaghetti Factory though, we ate there last time and did not like it which was disappointing.

Of course we will try to get tickets to see the Leafs play. :smiley:

I only lived in TO for 4 months, but I LOVED eating at the Funky Pickle. Their menu was out of this world.

If you weren’t going in December I would tell you to go to the Toronto Zoo. But it’ll probably be a bit too cold :rofling:

It’s been since high school since I’ve spent any amount of time there, but definitely stay downtown - Sara’s right, you’ll save money in the long run b/c you won’t have to park or drive anywhere. I think I stayed at a nice Quality Inn that was on the subway line, or very close to it. And we were all high school students, so I don’t think it was very expensive…well at least not in 1995.

Edited to say: CONGRATULATIONS!!!