OT-Toe-up sock Tutorial...Where's Silver?

HI…I learned “socks” from Silvers Tutorial (it’s great step by step)…I like DPNS…not ML, and certainly not two at a time…so question is:Where is Silver? Haven’t seen a post from her in a long long time…I want her to make a video/tut on toe up socks…Silver, Are you out there?:heart:

Have you googled her site ? She has instructions on there for toe-up on 2 circs, you could easily convert that to DPN. Really the only difference btwn toe-up and cuff down is the cast-on and short rows at the heel. Her e-mail is also on her webpage if you want to contact her.

Yes…I did “contact” her sometime ago…and NO I can’t do toe-up on two circs…don’t know how to “convert” to DPNS :aww: the difference for me is toe-up does not involve the dreaded K stitch to close up the toe…

She has one toe up on two circular needles. You’d have to cast on the same way for dpn.