Ot: tivo

Anyone have it? Thumbs up/down? DH and I are thinking about getting it as a joint holiday present - our work hours are so crazy that we tape a lot of stuff, and we think this would make it much easier (esp for things like taping “Knitty Gritty” every day.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

We have dvr which is from my understanding pretty much the same thing. I LOVE it. My dh and I tape ALL of our programs and then watch them without commercials.

Yep, it’s great! So much better than a plain old vcr.

OMG it is better than sliced toaster buttered with cinnamon bread.

We have 3 of them. :oops: And will most likely get a 4th for Christmas.

I HIGHLY recommend them/it.


ps If you have any questions I’ll try to answer them.

We’re renting a DVR from our cable company for $10/mo. We’ve already been through 3 machines for some reason in a 2 yr period (?). But we’ll never look back - there’s really no comparison to taping except that when it craps out, everything is gone. That was the sucky part. I guess sometimes thay can recover the data from the disk, but not always and not in our case. :frowning:

It took us a little while to wrap our heads around the concept, but now we’re pros LOL. “Wait, you mean you can be recording something on one channel and watching another and STILL pause and rewind the show you’re watching?” Awesome. I think we should get another one.


Yeah…we have DVR with our satellite, too…LOVE IT!!! :cheering:

I’ve had it for years… when my last unit got fried by lightning (well just the modem) I bought a new one … and I love it more :slight_smile: can’t watch tv without it now :slight_smile:

No Tivo but DVR from our cable company. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: it…can’t stand it now when I have to sit through commercials!

WOW! Sounds like a win-win situation here!

Thanks folks - guess what Santa is gonna bring us!


Hey Michelle - so you need a box for every TV?

Can you tape more than one show at once?

and how many hours would you (all) suggest if we just have one box?

LOVE :heart: my DVR!

I can have like 30 hours of knitty gritty and still have room for other shows. But ya know what I do, is I put all my knitty grittys onto a VCR tape and then erase them off the DVR to make room for more. So the next thing I need is DVD player that has a DVD burner in it so I can record my knitty grittys to DVD instead of VCR. Do they have that yet? :thinking:

We have had one since they very first came out. Bought the 30 hr one because that is about all they offered at the time. My husband, being the computer guru that he is, installed another harddrive into it and it now can record 130 hrs at the medium level.

You do need a separate one for each TV in the house. Also, the programming guide is downloaded thru the phone for ours, so you will have to be sure there is a nearby line for that. I don’t know if it is the same for the ones you rent from the cable company or not.

In my opinion, it is the most wonderful thing ever created…I LOVE MINE!!!


We are going to get one from our cable company after the holidays. Now I won’t have to miss Knitty Gritty!

Hey Michelle - so you need a box for every TV?

Can you tape more than one show at once?

and how many hours would you (all) suggest if we just have one box?

Pretend I’m Michelle…

Yes, a box for every tv.

With my DVR, I can tape 2 shows at once.

I guess how many hours depends on how many shows you want to tape and how long you want to keep them. Think of it like the harddrive on your computer - the more hours, the more you can save. I think ours saves about 30 hours. Also, high def, if you have that, takes up more memory. We don’t get high def, so the 30 hrs. is for ‘regular’ tv.

Ours gets the tv guide thru the cable since we rent the machine from the cable co.


WORTH EVERY PENNY! Will NEVER go back to regular TV!!!

I agree…there is noooo going back once you’re able to pause live TV. I catch myself reaching to pause the radio in the car…and once I mentally tried to rewind our pastor at church because my kids made me miss something I wanted to hear. :roflhard: It’s really, really fantastic. We have a DVD recorder in the mix too, so I make DVDs of our favorite shows when the hard drive starts to get full. :thumbsup:

:heart: My Tivo will never go back… you can’t once you have the power of pausing, rewinding, fastforwarding, or taping well ya just can’t… The kids are screaming I hit pause… I have a folder for KNitty gritty… its just wonderful… Once we were in WV at my parent’s house… dh and I were watching Trading Spaces missed what Doug said but it had to be funny so dh said just hit rew… I actually got the remote to do just that when it hit us both nooo tivooooo nooooo :crying: also if dh is watching a football he can hit pause to eat dinner with us :rofling:

I hate to be melodramatic, but it has really changed our lives. Not that we SHOULD be so dependent on TV, but no more, “oh we’ll go later after our show”. We can watch any show whenever we want.

what is tivo?

It’s basically a service (with a digital video recorder) that lets you schedule recordings of shows. Pause, and rewind live tv, etc. It is like having a VCR, but there are no tapes.