OT: These boots

I got some new to me boots from my mom…now, I’m SOOO not a heafty girl, but I am NOT a skinny miney either…

These boots are the calf high boots, and they won’t zip up all the way. Suggestions on how to make them bigger so I can USE them??? I have about what looks like 2-3 inches that won’t close. :frowning: they are classic basic black leather boots. I know that you can stretch leather…but 2-3 inches? or am I stuck.

I have the same problem with boots… you would think they would make boots for different types of calves… I haven’t found anything to help… Usually I just wear Jeans over them so you can’t tell they are not zipped… or go for a larger size boot so I can get them to zip… I thought by losing all my weight this summer and fall it would make a difference cause I dropped several sizes in my clothes… it only did in 2 pairs… but I still have some I can’t get zipped :shrug:

congrats on your weight loss!!!

Rachael Ray did a show on just this…but her solution was to buy 600.00 boots!!!

If you go to her site, it was on the “double duty” show…the boots she suggested had spandex in them…ya right…not spending my whole pay check on boots…lol…

Thank you :happydance:

Yeah… :thud: 600.00 for a pair of boots won’t be happening for me either… the family likes to eat things besides beans and taters… :rofl: :roflhard:

I feel your pain. I have a problem fitting into knee-high boots, which are, of course, my favorite kind. I’m a petite gal, but I’ve got rather, shall we say, “shapely” calves. It doesn’t help that I’m less than 5 feet tall, because that means the largest part of my calves are lower (in the skinnier area) of most boots than they would be on an average sized person. Of course, that also means the widest part of the boots come up to the bottom of my knees, and flare out a bit, which exaggerates my bow-leggedness. In other words, tall boots look really silly on me.

Still, I’ve got three pairs that I can barely squeeze my calves into, and I never wear them even though I :heart: them. I keep wanting to convince myself that I can pull off the look, but alas, those boots aren’t made for short people. (I do think they would look good on me if they were fitted correctly.) I really should put them on ebay to recoup some of my investment, but I don’t want to let them go. I’ve thought about taking them to a shoe repair place to see whether they could take a couple inches off the top, but I’m afraid it’ll be $$$. Anyone know? I should probably just call someplace for an estimate – you might want to do that too, Heather – they’d probably know whether your boots can be stretched that much.

I keep thinking that I should look for those styles with the stretchy (non-leather) calf area for a better fit, but they’re just not the same.

Darn. Now I have to go find all those boots and try them on again. As if they would magically fit now. :teehee:

Argh! I have the same problem! I finally was able to find a pair that zip up, but also, they have some elastic at the top that allow them to expand. If you have access to a sewing machine–and if it can sew through thick things like leather–maybe you can consider adding some elastic to the top? :shrug: As for $600 boots…well, I happen to like my $25 leather Payless boots! :teehee:

I never could figure out why my favorite boots look so stupid on me!

now I know - it’s the calf flare. :roll: you would think people would realize that someone wearing a size 5 is probably not an Amazon…


I took them to my favorite shoe repairers, but they said it would be a bad idea to cut them shorter.

maybe a different place would say something else, or it would depend on the style of boot, but then you’d also have to replace the zipper and all that. so I don’t think it could possibly end up very cost-effective.

I love fluevogs because their new boots are made out of very stretchy leather, especially important now that I am an existing size and my old boots won’t zip all the way up anymore. they also have lacing ones for younger people that are really cute too. of course, their prices have skyrocketed lately, but they have sales sometimes… I can wait as long as it takes for the chelseas.

there is about a 1 in square up on top of elastic, but that’s not where I need it…

I’m also 5’ and maybe that’s the problem we are just too short not that we have fat calves.

Many years ago, a friend of mine altered a pair of boots by cutting out the zipper, adding grommets and making them lace up boots instead. How adventurous do you feel? :wink:

Actually I was going to suggest something similar. I took out the zipper, put in a shorter zipper and then sewed elastic between the rest. Granted, it looks kind of funny when I’m not wearing them, but it works! If you have a sewing machine it’s pretty easy. Depending on how thick and hard the leather is.

I am just a big calf girl. From all the gymnastics when I was young.

Me? notso…but I am CERTAIN I could sweet talk my girlfriend!!!

The leather isn’t TOO thick, and it’s really rather soft…

:rofl: I’m not brave enough to try that lol… hate to see what my boots would look like… I’ll just keep wearing jeans over mine… and I’m 5’6" and half… :shrug:

since I know mom got them at the second hand store CHEAP…if it means not wearing them at all, or being able to do something with them!!! :slight_smile: AFter my friend moves…i’m going to go for it.

I’ve also got a new sewing machine fund set up. I’ve got my grandmas which is a good machine I think…and it just might need to be serviced…but boy is that thing a PAIN.

When my friend does this for me…I’ll be sure to take before and after pictures!!

Good luck with the boots, because they were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do. If you don’t fix them, they’re gonna walk all over you. :teehee:

I LOVE it cawthraven!!! :slight_smile:

Now I just want to get them DONE…I’ve never ever ever put a zipper in…hmmm…i’m so blasted impulsive…waitwaitwait and get it done right heather…I say to myself!!!

and i have ATHLETIC calves, NOT chubby ones!!! YEAHHHHH it’s all those years of hmmm…standing upright at a cash register at Burger King…lol…YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I knew it was good for something…lol…