OT - These are so cute!

I happened across these cute little planters… I want some sooo bad! Being on a budget is so cruel. :pout:

ohh super cute, perfect for urban living :happydance:

Awww! :smiley:

The only problem I see with them: it’s going to be murder to get the seedling out and replant it in an appropriate sized pot when it gets bigger. :pout:

The egg ones are meant to be planted once the seedling gets big… it’s a natural clay that will break down.

Why not just use an egg shell?
cut the top off, and punch a small hole in the bottom
and plant with just a Touch of soil
they grow out of the shell well
and its cute, you can color them with easter dye if you want


I’ve never had good experiences with pots like that. The pots won’t ‘break down’ like they’re supossed to, and kill my precious little plants. :pout:

Yeah, what ecb said. :shrug: Why not use real egg shells-those are biodegradable. Let us know if you try it!