OT - The West Wing and loss of Leo

Just wondering if any of you watch this show? My Husbnd and I were huge fans for the first few years but when they changed writers it just wasn’t the same and we stopped watching. When I found out this was their last season I decided to start watching again. I have to say that even thought I only have seen the last 4 or 5 episodes it is way better than I remembered and I wish I had watched all along now. Sunday’s episode just about killed me when Leo died. John Spencer was an amazing actor! I think that if they had just killed off the character I wouldn’t have cried like a baby during the episode but I realized watching it that we not only lost a character on the show but the actors lost a co-worker and a friend. The scenes when each character found out about the death were especially hard to watch because you know they had to live this in real life as well.

Next week is the funeral. I’m sure I’ll lose it again :crying:

yeah i must say i felt incredibly silly sitting there crying …but every since my Dad died (almost 6 years ago now) i can hardly stand seeing someone cry and it gets me going every time…so when the characters were crying and you knew that they were likely real tears, yeah i was crying. It was worse than when they killed off Mrs. Laningham! :rollseyes: i use to be so tough! :wink:

My little liberal heart was delighted to see Santos win that election though! :smiley: I have never stopped loving this show but i know a lot of viewers ran off after Aaron Sorkin left the show. I think i never did because i kept thinking that maybe someday Jed Bartlett really WOULD be president! :rofling: I am going to be sad when the show goes off the air…it has been one of my favorites!

I’m glad Santos won althought I kept thinking “gee, Hawkeye would make a fun president”. Funny how some actors will always be their most famous character no matter who else they play.

We only get to watch this one on the re-run channels :wink: , since NBC declines to allow us to receive it via satellite (and I absolutely refuse to put an antenna on top of the house along with the two expensive satellite dishes we already have up there just to please them). It’s one of my favorite shows, just hard to remember to watch it when it at the irregular times that it shows up. I really liked Leo (the character, that is), he’s one of those kind of characters that’s really hard to replace. I would have been in tears too.

him in that role is very amusing to me because he is a raging liberal like i can only hope and dream to be IRL! :rofling:

I saw this too. I loved westwing when it started and abandoned it a while ago. But then I saw a commerical of Josh and Donna in bed! Finally! so I watched and Leo died! Then I read the actor who plays him died too. How freaky is that! How sad too. Now I’ll have to go back to watching it! :rollseyes:

i got the impression that they weren’t planning on killing Leo until after John Spencer died…who knows though.

Hi, I am with you on the loss of Leo (the real man) and on the hope that Bartlett would be our president. Heck, I would even settle for Vinick. What a civilized relationship the two candidates had, eh? My husband and I have watched WW for years, and after this season is over, well, we might as well sell the TV.

I cried too. :frowning: Even though I knew what was going to happen, knew John Spencer had died, I still cried. At the end where Josh calls him boss. So sad. :crying:

I wanted to slap the hell out of that woman on Vinick’s side when she was joking about Leo having a few more years left in him! I’m a Santos girl but I thought Vinick handled it well as far as not fighting the result. Especially when he said he wasn’t going to be a “sore loser”.

We also love the show and I heard that the death of Leo (the character) was written in only after John Spencer passed away. I was pretty sure that Santos would win the election given the political leaning of all the writers, producers, etc. I did, however, wonder if they might have Vinick win since it was the last season and they wouldn’t have to write about a likable Republican!


So what should the characters do after the term is up?

CJ should become the VP! I’ve always loved her. Favorite scene with her was early in the series when she “sang” to THE JACKEL. That was really funny. When we are in the car and want to have some fun my Husband and I put it on and sing along like CJ. Maybe she could finally hook up with Danny. I don’t ever remember her with a man the whole show except for some guy she saw for a few weeks and he was killed. Sad.

Josh and Donna should get married. They know each other well enough by now that they don’t need to date. If anyone belongs together it’s those two (forget Ross and Rachel)!

Bartlett needs some REST! He’s been going like the energizer bunny for 8 years as the Prez. Somebody get that man a recliner and remote! Take a break! LOL!

Any other ideas?

aaaah you either missed or forget the first episode this season when they were gathering to open the presidential library! Danny and CJ were there, Bartlett gave her a hug and asked them how the baby was! :thumbsup:

Apparently all the old characters are coming back for the last few episodes, which i have to assume includes Leo’s funeral…maybe not though.

eitherway…SAM’s BACK! :thumbsup:

Huh?!!! I know I’ve been out of the loop but what?!!! Did they have a baby together or something? Guess I’ll have to look for some west wing episode guides.

yeah i don’t remember what year they were popping to in the future but they were gathering for the dedication of the Bartlett Library. He came in and gave her a hug blah blah blah like i said up there.

Then Josh came running in and said “The president is here”…they all went outside and it cut to a shot of the president stepping out of the car but you only saw his leg.

and if i understand, or assume, correctly they will likely end the series with the rest of that scene.

Interesting… I’ll have to make sure I watch the repeats this summer. Sure will be sad watching Leo in his last episodes though.