OT-The Organic Rebellion

It is a little long but cute and i think informative…mostly meant for kids i am sure but still…


That’s GREAT!! Obi Won Cannoli :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

hahah that’s hilarious!

OMG, I LOVE :inlove: this!!! So funny, and sooooooo awesome!! DH walked in just as I was playing it and thought it was great too.

Did you catch the quote where Obi Won Cannoli tells young Cuke skywalker to “stretch out with your peelings” (ie. feelings, like use the force). That had me rolling.

I’m going to pass this link on! Thanks for sharing Brendajos!

[color=darkred]I thought you would like it Amy…i am not a star wars fan but i thought it was great…ya know…as i think about it…if there really was an obi wan canoli they might coulda got me to the theatre to see the movies…lol[/color]

My family loved that! We are on the extreme side of healthy eating, so it is totally relatable for us.