OT: The new 41 cent stamp Liberty Bell "Forever"

I don’t know how many of you had known the the US Postal Service raised the cost of a stamp (yet again) from 39 cents to 41 cents. The new rate goes into effect on May 14th.

Beginning April 12th though, a new stamp with the Liberty Bell and the word Forever go on sale. According to the Postmaster General John E. Potter, The stamp, which will carry the word “Forever” instead of a price, will remain valid for sending a letter, no matter how much rates go up in the future.

That will eliminate the annoyance of buying one- and two-cent stamps to make up the new rate when prices rise, and folks who want to hedge against inflation could lay in a supply of the stamps for long-term use.

Sure I use the online bill pay whenever I can do send a stamp, but soon it’s going to be over $1.00 to send someone a birthday/thinking of you/get well card. (Something a little more personal than an e-card)

My thoughts…I’m just going to buy tons of these new stamp! :teehee: That way I’ll never have to worry. :cheering:

:out: i will be buying like 300 of these in april! What a great idea! thanks for sharing :cheering:

Great info - thanks for sharing!

And by the way… I love you for the ticker in your sig. I have that very countdown going in my sig on another site!! :happydance:

baseball is my weakness :heart: . always.

yeah i am still working on getting rid of 37 cent stamps…lol. i just don’t mail anything anymore. when i mailed the payment for my speeding ticket the other day I had to dig around and finally just use two 37 cent stamps cuz i can’t find my 2 cent ones. oh well… i will take that as the premium for him not catching me going as fast as i had been going i guess! :oops:

:roflhard: :oops:

I’m with you on not mailing much besides cards and small gifts to family/friends. Thank goodness for online bill pay! :notworthy: