OT - the Hamthology vol. 1

In 2002 when I moved to the US, I joined an online forum called Ponju.

For better or for worse, the forum has trudged on and although there’s little over 8K members, us the oldies still love what brought the forum together from the start: a love for art, webcomics and having a good time.

Oddly enough, that’s where I met my bf. We were online friends, then real-life friends, then ended up dating.

Anyway…Ponju hosts the forums for many webcomic artists and last year they took up the initative to start a comic anthology. It’s projected to go in print on May of this year.

Ponju, is the nickname of the forum’s creator and it has to do with pigs. i think the name itself means ‘chunky piglet’ or something.

So with pigs in mind, the first Ponju print creation is called: The Hamthology.

I contributed to the anthology with a storyline, and it’s being drawn by another forum member. At this point, we’re planning on selling the Hamthology at Comic Conventions, but depending on the demand, it might hit online sales too.

So if you’re a comic convention fan, keep us in mind :hug: