OT-The EASIEST potty training ever!

Okay, my older son, Drake (almost 4), has been potty training on and off for what seems like FOREVER (really about a year and a half)! He just could NOT get the hang of it. He’d do good for a few days and that was it. Well a couple weeks ago, I was telling my sister how frustrated I was that he just could not catch on, when she told me, “You know, I’ve heard that the best way to potty train is to let them go butt naked for the whole weekend.” So, having tried EVERYTHING else, I figured, what-the-hey! So that weekend, DS was butt naked, in all his glory, for 2 days straight. And guess what!!!

My son is POTTY TRAINED!!! He hasn’t had even ONE accident!

:happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

:cheering: I’ve heard that, too. If they’re ready, leave’m naked and put aside money to have the carpet cleaned, if necessary!!! Just think of all the money that used to go to diapers. I wonder where it can go now? :thinking:

:cheering: :cheering: Way to go, Drake!! :cheering: :cheering:

We did the same method for both our boys. They trained during the summer between ages 3-4. Being the summertime, it was easy to just let them go naked- and it worked!!

I was sooo excited! The money factor is awesome too…more yarn :smiley: And I :heart: knowing that I won’t have to be changing 3 bottoms!!! We’ll be working to get Tanner trained in the couple months before the little beignet arrives. We actually tried Tanner at the same time as Drake, but he peed on the carpet 3 times. So we just figured he wasn’t ready yet.

Do you think we should try him again and just clean up after him until he gets it, or wait a little while and then try?

That’s awesome! Way to go Drake!

(I LOVE that name, btw.)

Thanks! (He was named after a restaurant…for the name, not the restaurant :wink: )

This technique is supposed to be used for kids close to three, if I remember correctly. Some pediatrician was touting it on a talk show. I think the child has to have the muscle control and young ones don’t, yet.

Oooh, okay. Well then that explains the 3 pee spots :lol:

I guess I’ll wait a few more months. He’ll be 3 in April, so maybe around February or March he might be ready.

Thanks! :cheering:

Probably at this point you’d be the one getting trained to catch him before he wets. :rofling:

the neked method only worked with my son. i had all mine trained before 2. i was not changing 2 bottoms! i refused to do it. so they had to be trained. but with my son i just watched him run around nakie and when i saw him rise i asked him if he had to go potty and took him anyway even if he said no. girls are a whole different story… they were done by 2 but it was a battle til one day they just caught on! :wink: take him every 1/2 hour. have a potty close to you if he is hangin out with you!buy him some big boy draws. and put him in pull ups at night.

:doh: oh God i have to do this AGIAN!!!


Hehe, yeah, I know the feeling! With Drake, when I say I tried everything, I mean literally everything! I think the funniest was the last shot before the naked weekend…I told him I absolutely would NOT change his diaper anymore. I told him if he needed a clean diaper, he would go get it out the closet and change it himself. He was so upset when he couldn’t tighten it enough. And I would say to him, “See? Isn’t it a lot easier to use the toilet??” Man, I guess that wasn’t the nicest thing for me to do to the poor kid :frowning:

I don’t think that’s mean at all. I had to put my sons in regular cloth underwear with vinyl pants over. Then let them feel uncomfortable for a while before taking them to the bathroom to clean up. They hated the dirty wet feeling and used the toilet quickly after that. Some kids just have to learn the hard way :rollseyes:

My daughter was so easy to train. But now she is the one giving me a hard time in her teen years. My boys are angels. Go figure :wall:

I am just DYIN to know what it is about running around naked that helps the potty training! :??

They see it come out and it makes a puddle. When a kid is wearing a diaper, he’s so used to just peeing in it, there’s not thought involved and half the time he doesn’t realize/care that he’s wetting the diaper. When he’s naked, he’s aware.

I don’t know what it is that running aroung “nekid” does but it does work. Both of mine were trained this way (about age two to three). Maybe its just the ease of getting to the toilet on time. :smiley: Anyhow, the older one is married and in medical school so that was awhile ago.

I just tried doing this with my son last week. Thought I’d give it a try because I know that he understands the concept of peeing and that he likes to pretend. I’m not sure if his body is ready yet and I didn’t try it for 3 days, so I will wait a bit and try it again.

I was trying to figure out why it works so well too. I was thinking maybe it’s because they realize, Hey, I don’t have anywhere to put my pee…I should probably just go to the toilet I guess. That’s all I can figure. Drake didn’t even pee on the carpet at all! However it works, I’m so glad it does.

I only wish I’d have known about that method sooner :wink:

I trained Ben this way. I was so worried about him getting pee all over the carpet. But he caught on right away.

Now I need to work on Olivia. She’ll be 3 in Nov. I should just start…I’ve got dog pee all over my carpet anyways! :rollseyes:

Yup, that’s how I trained my son. He even ran naked outside, find a bush and go. He’s 11 now. :thumbsup: