OT: The buck stops here

and I mean it, literally!

I took this from my kitchen window.
I buy deer feed from a local farm store, and when it snows heavily, like it’s doing now…I can’t resist feeding the wildlife.
If I don’t buy the grains, the deer eat up all the black sunflower bird seed, which is more expensive.

Does he seem to be saying: “Blech” to this weather?

Good heavens, look at the size of that thing! :shock:

“Where’s the ketchup?”

How gorgeous!! And how awesome to be able to see him right from your window!!

What a great photo!!! You should enter it in a photo contest :slight_smile:

You put ketchup on venison?
:roflhard: :roflhard:

I admit it, I’m a meat-itarian and I like venison tenderloin.

Maybe I need to stop knitting and make a self-made bow.

Okay, yes it is a nice photo and yeah, the tongue sticking out does look like …[/COLOR]

“Blech” to this weather.

You won’t get any more of a concession than that out of a hungry man, and it is dinner time for me and I’m an hour away from home. :nails:


How wonderful to be that close to wilderness. The closest I have been in the past few years is a fox family nested across the street from me and sometimes I would see one in my yard, however they were very out of place- since I live very near a 4 lane highway, the mall and about 8 minutes from downtown Asheville.

He’s gorgeous!!!

He’s beautiful! And what a great picture too!!

We live in the 'burbs, so there’s not much wildlife other than an occasional snake, and some rats that come up from the drainage canals. We did have an opossum on our back fence one night though. Our dog’s went nuts!

That’s awesome. When we lived in Utah the mule deer would come out of the mountains looking for food and bed down in our front yard under the pine trees. We used to build snowmen with extra carrotts, lettuce, and a grain base just for them. We thought it was great fun.

Is it just me?..or does he look PISSED!He looks like he’s saying “Where’s my protection money?”

I’ll admit…I have too strong a love for animals.I’d probably still attempt to hug him.

To me he looks to be saying “Blech” to all this snow!

Here’s a cute pic of him. (I have been asking him to drop his antlers where I can find them - it’s that time of year. I collect antlers from deer,but only if they’re gifts - not from shot dead deer).

and here are three does who keep a safe distance from him when he’s eating…

It’s snowing today, big flakes. They look to be saying: “where’s the food?”

I live in a wilderness area, but only 30 minutes from a small town. Quiet here, peaceful (except for 2 weeks hunting season in November).

Taken from my front door, looking west:

My husband and I made this railing. We retired here 13 years ago, bought a fixer-upper and are still fixing it up! Neverending fun.

It looks ridiculously nice where you live.Can you believe I’ve never seen snow? >_>

Meow has never seen snow?!!!

Well, it’s cold, and needs to be shovelled, dangerous to drive in, but…if you don’t need to go out in it too often, it’s beautiful, and quiet; creates a Hush everywhere, dampens sound.

It makes wintertime a perfect time to do a retreat from all the craziness of the world.

Today I hope to make a snow angel at the end of my driveway, to cheer up any drivers that may go by…esp. the school bus.

Meow, where are you from? I live in the “Deep South” (New Orleans), and I’ve seen snow way down here! Everyone should see it at least once. (Although we get it so seldom, that it pretty much closes down everything…we don’t know how to drive in it.)

Woodi, those are beautiful pictures! And your descriptions are great too!

I live in the SF bay area.I’ve always moved around the South Bay,East Bay and just recently, the Peninsula.We haven’t had snow here in…pffft…I probably wasn’t even born then. Actually, we’ve HAD snow…it just didn’t really count.Sometimes the “East Bay Hills” will have some snow, close to nothing.The closest thing I’ve seen in person is the frost that’s collected on most of the lawns at schools I’ve attended as a child:teehee: LOL on a side note: I remember telling a kid I didn’t like in the 4th grade that he could make snow angels in the grass.He got up with a layer of mud on his entire back.

I’ve visited Boston before but it was in the summer so there was no snow to be seen. PS: I REALLY need to schedule my next Bostonian visit with better timing.

You grabbed the camera instead of the rifle???

HaHa Mason - that’s exactly what all the guys I work with would have said too ! Anytime I mention the deer in my yard or that little black bear that bent my bird feeder pole they all want to know where the meat is

Mason, you BadBoy! Hunting season here is beginning of November, and there are hefty fines for shooting out-of-season.

Besides, I could not harm one of these godly creatures with their meltingly brown, soft eyes that look deep into mine.

If I had to hunt my own meat, I’d be a vegetarian for sure.

So kind and sweet of you to provide them with extra nourishment in winter! We do the same up on our mountain property, starting in late summer, when all of the mountain grasses, etc. are dried up and look like straw! They love our gift of sweet alfalfa! One time we brought up some apples. They didn’t eat them. I don’t think they had ever seen an apple at 4300 ft elevation! Husband also provides salt and mineral licks. Our property is snowed in now, only accessible by snowshoe. So they are on their own for now. We left one bale of alfalfa when we left in early Nov, but it won’t last long!